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Triple Standards

It has taken me a while to wonder about this, but if double standards are bad, aren’t triple standards worse? We keep hearing, from conservatives, that liberals are terrible hypocrites because they pick on Sarah Palin and other conservative women … Continue reading

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“I’m a Man! I’m Brave! I Use an Alias!”

I believe the blogosphere is a microcosm of America. A microcosm, as a matter of fact, of the free world. Blogs are perhaps the major way we converse with each other, outside our own little pods of daily life. They … Continue reading

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Sports Are Training Americans to be Morons

After a lifetime as a sports fan, I have sworn off spectator sports. I’m a competitive walker, so I still participate. But I’m through spending my money and leisure time following sports. Some people think this is weird. “Turn in … Continue reading

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On Ghosties, Ghoulies and Heliotropes

I have been pompously informed, by a personage at Gay Patriot who bravely faces the world from behind the alias of Heliotrope, that he does not “suffer fools gladly.” I have been rebuked! Said personage – obviously certain he’s not … Continue reading

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Chaotica, Bride of Chaotica and the Conservatives

Gay Patriot’s comments are always an education. Though not always in the ways intended. It has become chillingly obvious to me what is going on here. From what has been said in that blog’s commentary threads – and by what … Continue reading

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Sieg Heil! Dupes for Dominionism, Unite!

“Conservative” dupes for “Christian” dominionism like to call themselves patriots. Yeah, they are patriots the same way Germans who cheered Hitler, and Russians who bowed to the Soviet State, were patriots. They are sheep. And in their mindless plod toward … Continue reading

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