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No More Mealy-Mouthing — You’re For Terrorism or You’re Against It

So once again today, we have a screwed-up young man arrested for trying to build a bomb.  He wanted to kill people in New York City.  He consorted with terrorists. Tomorrow, American Leftists will mealy-mouth about it again.  They will … Continue reading

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The Myth of Libertarian Power: Will Samantha Wiggle Her Nose?

I keep hearing dire, Apocalyptic prophecies about the anarchic, Mad Max society that will come about if libertarians rise to power.  The poor will starve in the streets, children will die unloved, rabid dogs will bite people and nobody will … Continue reading

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Is Herman a Harasser? Who the Hell Cares?

Enough, already, with the phoney-baloney outrage from the Left over Herman Cain’s alleged transgressions.  He’s been accused of sexual harassment by three different women, now, and where there’s smoke, there might be fire.  But in this country, we’re still innocent … Continue reading

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