Chaotica, Bride of Chaotica and the Conservatives

The Evil Doctor and His Bride

The Evil Doctor and His Bride

Gay Patriot’s comments are always an education. Though not always in the ways intended.

It has become chillingly obvious to me what is going on here. From what has been said in that blog’s commentary threads – and by what is omitted.

There is no intention, on the part of conservatives, of moving in a more libertarian direction. They want to hold together a coalition to retake power. Period.

Libertarians don’t think like that. Statists think like that. Libertarians don’t regard power as the most important goal in politics. Statists do.

Libertarians want to hash out all the details. We want to know whether the political Right intends to move toward bigger government, or smaller government. Toward greater protection of individual liberty, or greater repression against it.

For this, we are called “ideological purists.” Simply being honest, and frank, is now “ideological purity” to these people. Which means that honest discussion, with them, is no longer possible.

The whole “libertarian” thing, for most conservatives, is nothing but a ruse. It is a lie. They are trying to hijack the word “libertarian” to use for their own, devious purposes. They want liberty only for themselves – at everyone else’s expense.

They employ a tired and not-terribly-clever variety of evasion tactics in their increasingly-desperate attempts to obscure these things.

There’s the “you’re-not-really-a-libertarian” ruse. Which is never very convincing, coming from people so palpably hostile to libertarianism. How the hell would they know? They know that it’s bitten them in the ass – but they don’t know much more than that. Since they obviously know that they don’t like it, they aren’t going to fool many people into thinking they’re genuinely outraged because somebody else might not be a “real” libertarian.

There’s the “libertarians are purists” ruse, as mentioned above. As these people have no ideological consistency – hell, they have no principles – the former is a threat to them, and the latter simply incomprehensible.

Then there’s the Lord-of-the-Flies childishness. Witness the riot scene by Picasso raging now at Gay Patriot. Which now, officially, can no longer be taken seriously as a political blog. The free exchange of ideas, in any sort of adult setting – much less a civil one – has become impossible there.

Shrieking and flinging poop is all they’ve got left. They stopped even trying to make sense a long time ago. Short of the Nazi-style power-grab they’re now attempting somehow actually succeeding – and wrecking what’s left of this country – they have no chance of ever regaining power.

They are totally irrelevant. Libertarians are the future, and conservatives are the past. Goodbye to them, and good riddance. Except for a very brief, shining period when some of them actually were libertarians, they ceased to have any decency long before Joe McCarthy ever drew his last windy breath.

At a time when government overreach is unprecedented in scope and arrogance – when ordinary citizens are considered the enemy of the State and spied on by means Orwell never even imagined – the most important thing the “libertarian-leaners” at Gay Patriot can think to do is sit around and squabble like nursery schoolers. If these people were children, a child psychiatrist would give them up as cases already hopeless. Purity must be policed – the purity, that is, of an undistracted drive for conservative power.

Which is, again, all they care about. They clearly don’t care about America at all.

And yes, I’ve posted a picture of Doctor Chaotica and his bride, Arachnia, Queen of the Spider People. Why? Because, like good conservatives, they plotted to rule the world. And because Kate Mulgrew is hot.


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6 Responses to Chaotica, Bride of Chaotica and the Conservatives

  1. Scott George (a.k.a. Sandhorse) says:

    First off; kudos for the Voyager reference. For my spouse and I this is our favorite Star Trek incarnation.

    Secondly; “…because Kate Mulgrew is hot.” Even as a gay man I can agree with that.

    I admit I don’t know much of libertarianism, and what I do know of it has been gleaned from your posts here and your comments on GP and IGF. That being said, there is rarely anything I disagree with you on.

    I’ve had a big ‘R’ on my voter’s registration since I was 18. (that was some time ago) But as much as I do not fit within the democratic platform, I am increasingly disenfranchised with the Republican Party. And that is not just a feeling, but an obvious ideological disparity, since the thoughts I’ve expressed at GP have been met with veiled and direct hostility. So I’ve found myself as something of a ‘man without a country’. I have little in common with democrats and I’m not ‘conservative enough’ to participate in the conservative’s sphere. (How’s that for ideological purity?)

    So I’ve considered registering Independent. I’ve been advised against it since it would bar me from the primaries. But since all the level headed contenders are usually overlooked by the rabid Right, that’s no longer a big loss. There is nothing I would like better then to leave that R in the dust.

    “Shrieking and flinging poop is all they’ve got left.”

    Another AMEN! And might I say this is beginning to reflect in the original posts as well as the comment forums. Too many posts of late reference how badly the media ‘mistreats’ conservatives/ Republicans. All the perpetual victim mentality is as much of a turn off as any uber liberal blog; even if there is some truth behind it. It’s like all such posts follow the same M.O.; string up liberal piñata then let the kiddies have at it. Sure it may feel good, but it accomplishes nothing.

    I’ve always enjoyed your visits to GP, but I understand your frustration in continuing to do so. All too often now, sharing a differing view at GP is like ‘casting pearls before swine’. They trample the pearls and then set to devour you.

    Still, I hope to see you there again at some point. Seane-Anna’s heads about to detonate over the DOMA ruling which means it’s just the right temperature to start roasting marshmallows.

    • Sandhorse, your “pearls before swine” reference in regards to Lori’s visits to GP is rather perfect. And your description of Seane-Anna’s current state was amazing. I always imagined her as Lori’s feminine rival (probably not cool of me to single them both out because of gender; I hope this isn’t offensive), as she always went after Lori specifically, but, really, it was an unfair match in the balance of power and wit. Even I, with my limited arsenal, could singlehandedly take Seane-Anna down with a short sting.

      I just needed to acknowledge the brilliance of your comments. I hope you don’t mind. There were actually other things you wrote which I appreciated, but those two I mentioned were at the top of the list.

      • Scott George (a.k.a. Sandhorse) says:

        Thanks V!

        SA is a tool for sure, but interestingly enough, she demonstrates the nebulous (and unspoken) commenting ‘rules’ at GP. For all the talk about posting comments that disrespect Dan, she has yet to post a comment to Dan that isn’t derogatory in its motive. And I’ve yet to see the usual ‘Attack Sequence Alpha’ released on her by the usual suspects as it is with others who post far more mild comments.

        This is because SA is ultra conservative and, better yet, is against same-sex marriage. Since her posterior smells the same as the pack, she’s under the radar.

        So, as I’m sure you see V, contrary to Helio’s screeds against ‘moral relativism’, GP is a shining example that even self proclaimed Christians can fall victim to ‘situational ethics’.

      • Again, LMAO. “Posterior/Smell/Radar.” Turning Helio’s favorite ‘moral relativism’ expression (has he even used that lately, I wonder) on its head. Brilliant.

  2. BTW… That was one of the BEST Voyager episodes ever.

  3. Lori Heine says:

    Vince — If we needed further proof that conservatism, as a serious movement, is over, all we’d need to do was read the comments of people like NDT, J “Man” and Heliotrope to know it for sure.

    The most comical of all is, indeed, Heliotrope. He sneers at moral relativism, then practices it himself in bucketloads. He jeers at the genuineness of other people’s Christianity, then proceeds to demonstrate the Christian virtues of disrespect for others.

    And J “Man,” of course, is dumber than a box of bricks. He has brought a ton of people over here to my blog, yet he actually believes that, by mocking it (and, most incredibly, by actually quoting large swaths of it) he is somehow harming it. He’s been it’s biggest booster — it’s biggest vitamin-shot in the arm.

    People with sense will make their own decisions about what to think about the juvenile ravings at Gay Patriot. Many will come over here to see what all the fuss is about. Those who regard what’s being said over there as in any sense discrediting to me, or to this blog, are not the sort of people I would ever waste my time worrying about pleasing.

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