Sports Are Training Americans to be Morons

"Duh...Go, Team!"

“Duh…Go, Team!”

After a lifetime as a sports fan, I have sworn off spectator sports. I’m a competitive walker, so I still participate. But I’m through spending my money and leisure time following sports.

Some people think this is weird. “Turn in your membership card,” one of my lesbian friends recently told me. Why am I doing this? Because sports are turning Americans into morons.

It’s not only that I think my money is better-spent at the symphony, a play, an art exhibit or the ballet. Although when I attend any of those, I know I’m getting exactly what I pay for. It’s the fact that the more avidly my friends follow spectator sports, the more vacuous and gullible they become as citizens.

They are being trained to think of politics as a contest between Team A and Team B. The problem is that what really matters, in the power game, are not the teams, but the league. Both of the two statist “sides” are in the same league, which means that while they may, on one level, be rivals, in the broader perspective they are actually partners.

The best example of this involves the big-money corporate world. Morons on Left and Right alike think that Big Business is represented by Republicans, while Big Government is the bailiwick of Democrats. But that’s not true. Big Business and Big Government are not rivals; they are partners. Each one needs the other to survive. Each one props up the other.

Big Government is financed by Big Business. Big Business is pumped up, and its competitors driven out of the market, by Big Government. Big Government makes the rich rich and keeps the poor poor. And Big Business funds Big Government, which gets most of its revenue from the rich. Neither could function without the other.

A similar, symbiotic dynamic is at work concerning the scope of the snoopy State. One party builds government bigger, makes it more intrusive, erodes individual liberties – then overreaches. The voters overreact, and put in the other party. Which then uses the buildup of State power to grow the State even bigger for its own purposes. And back and forth, and on and on.

Conservatives are losing all credibility, and every last shred of integrity, trying to hold together a coalition between social conservatives and libertarian-leaners because they want to hold onto power. But since these two factions want diametrically opposing things, only one or the other of them can get what they want. One is being lied to – cheated – for the sake of the other. Power without principle does not deserve to hold power.

When I point this out somewhere like Gay Patriot, I get furiously swarmed. How dare I?! I ask a simple question – what is your philosophy of government? – and I get righteous outrage. But that is no trivial question. It cuts to the very heart of what this country was founded to be.

If I am wrong in assuming that most of the people I ask this question won’t answer it because they know I wouldn’t like the answer, there is a simple remedy. Instead of attacking me, they can simply answer the damn question. It is the fact that they resort to attack and distraction, instead of simply giving me an answer, that makes me think they are being dishonest.

I have come to believe they are simply trying to hold together a coalition of two incompatible factions so they can regain power. And that after this, the side that craves power for its own sake – the statist social conservatives – will simply shove the libertarian-leaners off a cliff and take all the marbles. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong. But prove it.

I think most big-money spectator sports are rigged. I don’t think the contests are fair, because most of the time the team that wins is the team the big-money people want to win. And I’ve come to the same conclusion about power-game politics.


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I'm an Episcopalian, Classical Liberal Ladies' Woman, helping to save Western civilization, searching for the perfect wife and enjoying every minute of it all.
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9 Responses to Sports Are Training Americans to be Morons

  1. You draw some sound parallels between sports and government/business today, Lori. People need to stop contributing financially to the Republican and Democrat parties. I don’t know if it’ll make a big enough dent. That money could be better spent elsewhere. But, people are so used to the way things are, they don’t have the time or imagination to believe they have more than two “choices.” It’s hard, though. We live in the age of branding. And the loudest and longest-lasting brands tend to stay afloat. It’s like Coconut water has caught on a little bit with the mainstream, but most people still drink Coke and Pepsi. If you’re going to drink sugar, you might as well go with the natural stuff! Okay, that parallel may not fit in, but I hope you see where I was going with it.

  2. Since Obama got elected, the GOP has been behaving like a bunch of Vulcans going through a prolonged pon-far. They think they’re being logical, but their rabid emotions are getting the better of their judgement.

    I bring this up because DS-9 taught us an important lesson in “Take Me Out To The Holosuite”. Even when their winning, Vulcans still suck at the actual game. Their attitude is all warped by their supposed logic. Now look at what’s happening now that they’re losing!

    PS. I really had a problem with the way the Vulcans were portrayed in a lot of DS-9 episodes…. They showed way way too much emotion.

  3. Priya Lynn says:

    Hi Lori,

    I was reading a comment thead at and wanted to contact the commenter VS at his blog but the link at the bottom of his comment goes to a movie database. Could you please tell me where to find VS’s blog? Please email me with the information

  4. Pat says:

    Lori, interesting post comparing sports with politics. First of all, my partner and I have been asked to turn in our cards because we both like sports. In fact, we are watching the Yankees right now.

    What I see with politics is that the two big teams, Team A and Team B put on a show where they act like they hate each other, say nasty things, etc., and get their supporters all up in angst against each other. So when out of the spotlight the players on Team A and Team B meet up for dinner or at the bar, I envision them laughing at us for buying the show, watching us hate each other for real, and clinking their glasses as they know that this will guarantee that one of their teams will win, while the other teams will always lose. This is what I see now happening at GP. Team A has gotten their supporters all riled up about how awful Team B is, they don’t even see that their team has many faults as well. Of course, this is true regarding Team B as well.

    Getting back to sports, if you ever want to try spectator sports again, you may want to try (if you haven’t already) going to a local college with Division II or Division III athletics. They don’t have the corruption, or potential corruption issues of Division I or professional sports. They may not be the best athletes, but usually there is a much healthier athletic spirit at competitions.

    • Lori Heine says:

      My alma mater is Grand Canyon University, which is, I think, now an NCAA Division II school. In the past, the Antelopes won several basketball and baseball titles in the NAIA — where they used to be. I’d like to go back, now, and see their new basketball arena, which is supposed to be almost NBA-like.

      My stats tell me this blog has visitors, today, from Ireland. Go Irish!

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