Triple Standards

If anybody's mother looks like THIS in Army boots, I want an introduction!

If anybody’s mother looks like THIS in Army boots, I want an introduction!

It has taken me a while to wonder about this, but if double standards are bad, aren’t triple standards worse?

We keep hearing, from conservatives, that liberals are terrible hypocrites because they pick on Sarah Palin and other conservative women – while claiming to be advocates of women’s rights. Which means that conservatives really care about women’s rights…right?

I tend to get more exercised about gay rights, in general, than women’s rights. Gays are maybe five percent of the population, while women make up fifty-one percent. As a woman, I have vastly more clout than I do as a lesbian. But does that mean that everything is totally peachy, nowadays, for women?

It certainly is hypocritical to go Pavlovian at every mention of Sarah Palin’s name, while claiming to support feminism. I’ve spoken out about that on numerous occasions. I don’t tend to trust men (or women) who trash Palin in ways they’d condemn as sexist if done to a woman whose politics were farther to the Left.

That having been said, it’s hard to give too much credence to conservatives who bristle with righteous outrage at the Left’s dastardly treatment of Sarah Palin, and other Right-Wing women, while continuing to slap down women with whose politics they disagree and dismissing them as butches, bitches or ho’s.

J “Man,” the Clown Princess of androphile Gender Panic at Gay Patriot, is a prime example of this conservative triple-standard. A few other commenters on that blog tie for a close second.

Absolutely every time I, Priya Lynn or any other woman who dissents from their orthodoxy registers an opinion there, they seem to feel the need to take a slap at our uppity-ness. We’re flighty, hysterical flibbertigibbets, or diesel dykes with big rear ends. We cannot very simply be fellow human beings who hold differing points of view. By these strutting peacocks of masculinity, our gender must always, always somehow be blamed for our awful, scary, dangerous notions.

Either we’re too feminine, not feminine enough or – sometimes within a single comment – both at the same time.

This will likely be used, by those at the other blog who obsessively return to this one to quote it derisively over there, to prove how flibbertigibbet-like and big-butted butch I am. That should be amusing. “Boo-hooooo,” the Manly Ones will sneer, “she’s crying about being a woman!”

Only I’m not crying about being a woman. I’m laughing because I get to be a woman, instead of…that. Whatever the hell it is.

What it isn’t is proof that any of my detractors are real, manly men. All it proves it that they feel the need to prove they are. If they really were, of course, they wouldn’t need to prove it.

If being a hypocrite is bad, calling someone else a hypocrite while being one oneself is worse.

…And their mothers wear Army boots, and their daddies wear pearls!

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I'm an Episcopalian, Classical Liberal Ladies' Woman, helping to save Western civilization, searching for the perfect wife and enjoying every minute of it all.
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2 Responses to Triple Standards

  1. While the Republicans have still been playing catchup, one of the advantages that the Democrats have, for better or worse, is a history of opening up their ranks to minorities and growing their numbers in top positions, while developing new talent. The Republicans had few options and little foresight in 2008. Palin was a Hail Mary pass to compete with the growing support in the country to elect someone into the Oval Office other than a White Male, regardless of their qualifications. Hindsight is 20/20, but if they had read the writing on the wall about two years before the election, they would have known they were going to ultimately compete against a woman or African-American.

    One of the disadvantages that Sarah Palin faced, of course, is that she was thrust into the spotlight suddenly. I doubt she really had a sense of just how unforgivable the media scrutiny would be. And, because of all the attention, for better or worse, it made making fun of her much easier for her new detractors, just because she was so green, and seemingly unqualified for the position she aspired to. Now, I try to be an equal-opportunity offender when it comes to pointing out the idiocy in all politicians, male or female, Republican or Democrat. I was too brainwashed in the past to even think about it.

    That being said, those triple hypocrites you refer to, Lori, I imagine have a short-memory. Because, if I’m not mistaken, back when the playing field was more level, and women hadn’t made as many strides in general as they have today, Geraldine Ferraro didn’t fare so well either with the media. While, and correct me if I’m wrong, she wasn’t singled out for “stupid” things she said (which Palin received a huge chunk of her flack for), she, like Palin, was criticized for the behavior of family members, as well as her social beliefs (she also received negative attention regarding her family’s tax returns), etc. And, unlike Palin, she wasn’t put under the microscope so much for the things she actually said, but, by merely possessing female genitalia; her “strength” to hold office came into question. In my opinion, it didn’t matter how Ferraro carried herself, she was damned if she did/n’t. Had McCain chosen a minority who was more worldly and articulate, I surmise, s/he would have had a better chance at surviving the media attacks. But, like I alluded to, the Republicans had a small pool of candidates to choose from. They lacked hindsight for the 2008 election, as well as the rise in growth of minorities in this country over the decades and the trend toward diversity.

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