The Mark of the Beast

Yes, I know, this is a lobster in a tiara.  I didn't want a picture of a really SCARY beast.

Yes, I know, this is a lobster in a tiara. I didn’t want a picture of a really SCARY beast.

Life is filled with little epiphanies. Things that make us go, “Ahhh!” I keep stumbling onto them. Okay, Lord, I’m listening.

First, there was the slimy cockroach-swarm over at Gay Patriot that basically drove all decent people away from that blog. Then the Duck Dynasty PR blitzkrieg, shamelessly played to the hilt by every fraud in the GOP. Then the blatant sham of SB 1062, the “religious freedom” bill pushed by the Antichrist Religious Right.

Enough is enough. I get it. Social conservatives have no character. Neither do conservatives in general. There are exceptions, of course, but not very many. Decades of pandering to reactionary spoiled brats has led the political Right to moral ruin.

These phonies have absolutely no business lecturing anybody else about morality. And there is nothing more asinine than the way they presume to lecture us about freedom.

After all of this, and the soul-searching it has inspired, I find myself coming to some inevitable conclusions. The main one is that I’m back where I was for most of my adult political life.

I am a libertarian-leaning liberal. I have wandered in the wilderness, for the past few years, on a rootless search for a political affiliation that fit my basic convictions, but those convictions have not appreciably changed. This is a time of tremendous upheaval for everybody in America with a brain, and only those who can mindlessly cling to one easy label or another deserve to be dismissed as inconsistent.

I have been deeply disgusted with the Democrats, because Barack Obama was supposed to be the antidote to Bush II, yet he turned out to be his heir apparent. That doesn’t make me a hypocrite; it has made turncoats and hypocrites out of those who have blindly supported this betrayal of everything liberals have ever stood for.

Libertarians are never going to win over conservatives. The GOP will never accept them. I am basically on board with libertarianism, but the Libertarian Party is an exercise in going nowhere. Only in a major political party can citizens effect change. I’m still deeply disgruntled toward the Democrats, but I have noticed a couple of things I can’t help but factor into my conclusions about where I belong.

The party in power is always the one – libertarian theory holds – that will be least interested in libertarian ideas. According to this line of thought, the party on the bottom of the heap will be the one more amenable to liberty. But this has not happened. Conservatives in general, and Republicans in particular, remain savagely hostile to libertarianism. And if they’re like that now, they always will be.

Liberals, on the other hand – even many diehard Democrats – still give libertarians a better hearing. Even now, when the theory holds that they won’t. Most of my family, friends and associates are liberal Democrats, so I can attest to this from abundant experience.

Here’s the difference. Republicans give lip-service to being congenial to libertarians (some do, anyway – those who are not social conservatives, at least). But once they hear what libertarians actually stand for, they are horrified and want nothing to do with it. Democrats, on the other hand, have been conditioned to loathe the libertarian label – and react to it with snarling, Pavlovian rage. But this is largely because they have been lied to about what libertarians believe.

If I drop the label, and simply tell them what I stand for, I find them surprisingly receptive. As a matter of fact, many of the opinions they express are (as shocked as they would be to learn this) actually quite libertarian.

In my realization of this, I have indeed considerably changed. For a while, I thought the opposite – and vociferously said so, even contributing a chapter to a book titled Why We Left the Left. I have certainly have left the statist Left, so most of what I said in that book still stands. But in my heart, though with a strong libertarian bent, I am still a great, big, old liberal.

Life is an ongoing learning process. I have learned a lot since I wrote that chapter.

Last week, I re-registered as a Democrat. That was my political party for nearly thirty years. Yes, I’m baaaaack! Real liberals have no reason to disapprove of that. There’s a reason why the words “liberal” and “libertarian” are so closely related.

Bogus, big-government “progressives” will probably never accept me, or any other libertarian-leaning liberal. They’ll try to smear us, and lie about what we believe. But this country needs real liberalism – real liberty – more urgently now than ever before.

To Hell with liars and frauds, both Left and Right. And I mean that. They truly do bear the Mark of the Beast.


About heine911

I'm an Episcopalian, Classical Liberal Ladies' Woman, helping to save Western civilization, searching for the perfect wife and enjoying every minute of it all.
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9 Responses to The Mark of the Beast

  1. Keep fighting the good fight Lori. I think of you every now and then. I admire your struggle.

    You continue to be a threat to anonymous cowards everywhere who think they have it all figured out:

    You’re pretty hot stuff. After all this time, you *still* leave an impression.


    • Lori Heine says:

      I’m glad to see you’re still around. I hope you’re doing well!

      Wow, I must have hit quite a nerve over there. I go back once in a while just to see if GP is as big a train wreck as everybody says it is. And yes, it is. Nobody is even exaggerating.

      I’m very glad I disassociated myself from them. I haven’t missed the exercise in futility of expressing opinions there. It’s simply a waste of time.

      Everyone who refuses to march in lockstep with the GP Borg is just a big old leftist in disguise. Though why any of them would bother to disguise themselves is an interesting question. Because J “Man” wouldn’t like them? Puh-leeze.

      I don’t know why Dan or Bruce continue bothering with that blog at all. If they want to cite its foundation as an accomplishment, they’d better hope nobody they want to impress actually reads it. It’s such an unholy mess, it certainly doesn’t make them look good.

      How many comments do most of GP’s posts get, now? Four or five? I suppose there’s still a juicy flame-war once in a while to drive that number up, but other than that it looks pretty pathetic. Impossible to tell, from comment numbers, how many people are reading it, so maybe it’s as many as ever.

      • Lori, Your style of writing leaves me in stitches. I wish there was more of that on GP. Hope springs eternal? I won’t hold my breath.

        Anyway, J “Man” seems to have temporarily supplanted ND30 as the resident crazy. Both still show teeth, but J “Man” is definitely the more unhinged. Grouping you, Sonic, and Levi, all in the same group, which I don’t find to be the case at all. But, that’s how he sees things. He truly loathes me, though. I find it fascinating from a clinical perspective.

        His behavior is mostly tolerated on GP. He’s warned for his use of language every now and then, it appears, and rightly so. But, other than that, he elicits little response from the regulars. Whether they tolerate or appreciate him (or something in between) for his political empathy, it is difficult to ascertain based on the sparse reactions. He’s like a ferocious attack dog on a leash, with his teeth showing so large they’re practically popping out of his mouth. If he gets tapped on the head with a newspaper, he begins to whimper with this ear-piercing high-pitch like someone just stabbed him with a knife. “What can’t I bark? Why can’t I snarl?” he pisses and moans, and then starts to get his canine mojo back. He could be guarding the Taj Mahal in his delusions, but, in reality, based on the way he portrays himself, he has reduced his beliefs to a bowl full of shitty dog food.

        Somewhat compelling, but probably not as much as I give it credit.

        I recently tried to engage GP and other commenters regarding a recent topic of the film “Noah,” and, apparently, I know nothing, because very few gave any kind of attention to numerous points I made. Oh well.

  2. Lori Heine says:

    I have just blocked a comment from J “Man.” I do not publish the F-word on this blog. He, she or it can spew garbage on GP — or start his/her/its own blog. Which, I’m sure, will be fabulously successful.

    Interesting that this person is so obsessed with how many readers other people’s blogs have, as he/she/it does not have the gumption to start one. The fact that I haven’t posted in three weeks — which obviously means that I’m not putting a whole lot of effort into trying to attract readers — does not seem to compute, to this dull mind. It’s sure I must be disappointed that posting every other month or so doesn’t garner billions of comments.

    Nothing particularly interesting to report about its rantings, except that this person is supposedly about my age, yet has the emotional maturity of a toddler. It doesn’t post under its own name — which ordinarily means nothing except a desire for privacy (I know some people have good reasons for doing this). But for such a big, strong, brave “man,” one is curious at the need to skulk around behind an alias.

    Part of the spoor it left behind was its email address. This may prove useful if I continue to be harassed.

  3. Houndentenor says:

    I think you may find that a lot of Democrats agree with you on many issues and that coalitions are possible. Do try to avoid hot button phrases from libertarians that serve to alienate people. (We should all learn to do that.) But I think cross-party coalitions are possible. They used to even be common before the ideological purity tests of the 80s drove out anyone that wouldn’t tow the party line in every election cycle’s primaries. What does it say about our politics that most members of Congress are far more afraid of a primary challenger than an opponent in the general election.

    I only visit GayPatriot occasionally and even then only briefly. I left in 2008 because I got tired of attacks (specifically anti-gay attacks!) and the inanity that pervaded the comments section. I guess someone has to argue with the far right, but I got tired of it. It’s someone else’s turn.

  4. Oh…. What did I miss????

    The crowd at GP doesn’t give a damn if you have something interesting or thought provoking to say…. If it’s not coming from the right person. There have been instances when a “liberal” enemy (yeah I know that’s redundant for the GP’ers as all libs are enemies) proposes something of interest, it, along with the messenger, gets shot down. But then one of the “good guys” will say the same thing…. And hey, that’s an interesting point.

    Hound… What was your moniker at GP?

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