On Ghosties, Ghoulies and Heliotropes


I have been pompously informed, by a personage at Gay Patriot who bravely faces the world from behind the alias of Heliotrope, that he does not “suffer fools gladly.” I have been rebuked!

Said personage – obviously certain he’s not a fool, since he “does not suffer them gladly” – somehow manages, nonetheless, to be an expert on the subject of fools.

Unlike those who hide behind aliases, I publish everything I write – and every word I utter online – under my own name: Lori Heine. I have, therefore, left a long trail of recorded opinions on many of the subjects I hold dear.

Heliotrope took umbrage that I didn’t know he wasn’t an evangelical. How the hell I would be expected to know that, since someone with an alias leaves no trail, is anybody’s guess. But I should have somehow intuited it. Shame on me. Despite his contemptuous comments about churches that welcome gays on equal terms with straights – as Churches of What’s Happening Now – I was supposed to know he holds our spiritual lives in highest regard.

This is somebody who has time to look up about a thousand and one different names for ghosties, ghoulies and things that go bump in the night, because he followed me to this blog and took umbrage (umbrage-taking being among his favorite things to do) at something I said here. Something that “proved” I wear a tinfoil hat.

Yet though it’s only a couple of clicks of a mouse away, he could not be bothered to find out anything about my religious beliefs. That I have spent considerable time, and committed many, many published words, to the defense of the orthodox Christian faith – even though it’s much costlier for me to do so than it would be for someone like Heliotrope – is an easy thing to learn. I have gotten death threats for doing so. Heliotrope – who never preaches to anybody but the choir – is indifferent to the truth, and doesn’t much care if he slanders me, so it’s off to the races with “the Church of What’s Happening Now.”

Of course he would tell me I’m “narcissistic” to expect him to click the mouse a few times and find out enough about me to know what he’s talking about before he judges me before hundreds of people. But if he had the gumption to use his own name, I certainly would have researched him before making the dreaded error of calling him an evangelical.

It is not narcissistic, of course, for him to expect me to know that.

Well, let me see…exactly what did I have to guide me in my search for truth about All That Is Heliotrope? He uses boilerplate evangelical cant, contemptuously dismissive of gays’ and lesbians’ spiritual lives. Most people who use terms canned for mass consumption, instead of expressing themselves in their own words, do make it difficult for others to peer into their eyes and see their souls.

If I knew his name were John Jacob Jingleheimer Smith, and that he often wrote on spiritual topics, I could Google him and find out enough about his beliefs to treat him fairly. People ordinarily use aliases because they want to fly under that sort of radar. But they have no right to get pissy when somebody takes their jargonese at face value and think it comes from the usual source.

When you don’t care about the truth, you…well, you just don’t care. That seems to be the general attitude of conservatives these days. Which is why, as I part company from them, I shake the dust from my feet.


About heine911

I'm an Episcopalian, Classical Liberal Ladies' Woman, helping to save Western civilization, searching for the perfect wife and enjoying every minute of it all.
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3 Responses to On Ghosties, Ghoulies and Heliotropes

  1. “””Heliotrope took umbrage that I didn’t know he wasn’t an evangelical. How the hell I would be expected to know that, since someone with an alias leaves no trail, is anybody’s guess. “”””

    Here’s what you should do. Keep calling him an evangelical, call him a bigot and racist, then post links to irrelevant things concerning whatever evils you can find and say “See! This is WHO YOU ARE!!!”.

    Hey, it works for me!!!!

    Signed NDT.

  2. “Unlike those who hide behind aliases.” And, for that, I salute you, Lori. We live in a country where we should hold ourselves accountable for the things we write and say. Unless one’s life and those of their family’s is threatened, there is no bravery in posting anonymously. Courage of convictions and all that rot. And, furthermore, to disparage someone anonymously is truly disgusting. In my person experience with blogs, it’s telling who uses their real names verses those who do not. I respect those who do and imagine I’d enjoy their company more in person. They are people who aren’t afraid to be who they are, whatever it is they believe.

    I’m sorry someone was so dismissive of your beliefs. I can’t even imagine what you have to go through (on both sides), which is why I have further respect for you. You’re not a sheep, which is so rare.

  3. “””You’re not a sheep, which is so rare.””””


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