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Gay CONSERVATIVES are “Self-Hating?” How Delusional are Our Critics?

Enough, already, with the nonsense on stilts that gay conservatives are “self-hating.”  I’ve heard plenty of that crapola.  More than I can stand. What gay liberals refuse to consider — because it does not flatter them — is that conservative gays … Continue reading

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Christmas Houses That Can Be Seen From Space

Well, here’s an update on the Christmas house that can be seen from outer space.  I am a technologically-challenged old crone, so I have no digital camera — not even a cellphone.  I wish I could put up a picture … Continue reading

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Are We Electing an Emperor?

Amid all the gnashing of teeth over the opinions of various GOP presidential candidates on social issues, I think it’s time to pause and take a breath.  We may be attaching too much importance to their opinions. Should we care … Continue reading

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Hanging Onto DADT — The Cowardly Lions Roar On!

Let’s just get right to the point on why Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is such an inkblot test for many phoney-baloney American macho-men.  The great majority of them have never bothered to serve their country in the military.  They are … Continue reading

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Anti-Gay Christian (or Anti-Gay Conservative) Means Anti-Gay, Period

Enough, already, of the ignorant, bigoted lie that one must either be pro-gay or pro-Christian.  And enough of the lie that only those on the reactionary Right perpetuate it. The Left is anti-Christian.  It has shown this again and again … Continue reading

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