Bricks from the Brooklyn Bridge Here!

100 times smarter than the average social conservative

100 times smarter than the average social conservative

H.L. Mencken famously said, “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.” The Sage of Baltimore was right about a hell of a lot of things, and that was certainly one of them.

Or as Houndentenor, an occasional commenter on this blog, noted in an Independent Gay Forum thread, “It’s a win for A&E. Everything according to plan. We were played. Merry Christmas!”

People, the whole Duck Dynasty “controversy” was about as real as NORAD’s annual tracking of Santa Claus from the North Pole. The suckers have been had again.

The only thing real about this has been the entertainment value of watching social conservatives demonstrate – yet again – how vile they really are. How low they’ll sink. Purple Elephant blog called them out on the hypocrisy of criticizing A&E for suspending the Duke of Duckdom when these same culture warriors have insisted, all along, that companies have the absolute and divinely-ordained right to fire gay people simply for being gay.

So there it is – the real Gospel According to Crybaby Reactionaries: Free enterprise, free speech and freedom of religion for me – but not for thee.

In other words, no freedom at all. These big-government theocrats want to do to exactly the same thing to America that Obama & Company aspires to accomplish on the Left. They are nothing but frauds. Different flavor, same cheap imitation ice cream.

A&E did not cave in to these yokels; they did precisely what they’d planned to do all along. I hope some enterprising journalist will soon unearth evidence of collusion between A&E and the Robertson clan. You can be pretty sure it was there. I fully expect to find out that this was nothing but bidness, folks. Big-money bidness as usual.

Nobody with an I.Q. greater than that of a house plant ever seriously believed the Robertsons were great crusaders for free speech and Christianity. I think I ought to start selling pieces of the Brooklyn Bridge online. Given the number of morons out there, I’d make a mint.

Forget about the srimp bidness. I’m gonna sell me some bricks!


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