The Two Faces of Anti-Libertarians: Which One to Slap First?


“When people are two-faced, the only thing you’ll know for sure is that you can’t trust either of them.”
— Doe Zantamata (author, artist and photographer)

I’ve noticed something really interesting about the stuff many “progressives” say about libertarians. They say two different things — each of which contradicts the other:

(A) “Libertarians are paper tigers: essentially toothless. They’ll never get anywhere, because the social and corporate conservatives run the whole show on the political Right. We basically like libertarians – don’t get us wrong. We simply think they’re too inconsequential to bother with. So move on, everybody…nothing to see there.”

(B) “Libertarians are DANGEROUS! They don’t believe in taxes, or government, or any of the things that make life good. Once they get into power (which is inevitable, and will happen very soon), all our streets will be toll roads, there will be no police or fire departments, the schools will be closed, our children will starve to death and ANARCHY will prevail!”

But which is it? I, of course, would guess neither. “Progressives,” however, quite often maintain that both A and B are true – and they sometimes say so in the space of a single paragraph.

On Independent Gay Forum, a blog of Right-of-center, libertarian-leaning gay and lesbian opinion, every commentary thread is swarmed by “progressives.” One minute they’re cooing about how nice those harmless libertarians are, and assuring us we’re wasting our time if we support them. And the very next, they’re warning of the impending doom that will result if those evil, heartless libertarian hordes take over.

It’ll never, ever happen – but it must be stopped!

Some idiot, on a recent commentary thread, tried to pass off Mona Charen (?!) as a libertarian. This is how far gone these people are. They are ignorant sheeple, their lords and masters tell them this crap, and they accept it without question. Based upon no evidence whatsoever, they tell themselves that they are more enlightened, more sophisticated and better educated than anyone else. They are living in the Twilight Zone.

There are two types of comment you’re almost bound to find on every commentary thread at IGF. You guessed it: A and B.

As I have already tried to explain, I’m at the far left end of the political Right. There is no center; in between Left and Right there’s a huge, yawning chasm. The Left is a narrow ledge, and everybody on that side is packed together in an undifferentiated mass of people who dare not think for themselves. The Right, however, is a wide plateau, where a large variety is gathering.

I throw a rope to as many on the other side as I can reach. All they can see, from their side of the chasm, are social and corporate conservatives – because that’s all they’ve been told are over here. I introduce them to libertarians. They can’t see us, for some reason – but even though they have no clue what we look like, they’re sure we’re dangerous.

Totally ineffectual, and destined never to have a voice on the political Right – yet, at the same time, a lethal threat to the world. I don’t know how we can be both, and they don’t, either. All I can figure is that their brains are in the face that looks behind them. And that they spend most of their time sitting down.


About heine911

I'm an Episcopalian, Classical Liberal Ladies' Woman, helping to save Western civilization, searching for the perfect wife and enjoying every minute of it all.
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2 Responses to The Two Faces of Anti-Libertarians: Which One to Slap First?

  1. Some idiot, on a recent commentary thread, tried to pass off Mona Charen (?!) as a libertarian.

    What?… Really???? Is Laura Schlessinger a libertarian too??????????

  2. dwtpresents says:

    “Libertarians are toothless”, yet who do the GOP blame for the Virginia loss last night? Well, not the Tea Party candidate even their own voters were cool towards, but the libertarian Sarvis. Whatever.

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