Eeeeew! I See Cooties!

spacy kid

The strategy of avoiding the GOP table in the cafeteria has worked SO well for libertarians. Not to mention for all those other social liberals who’ve shunned the Republican Party because…eeeew! Those social conservatives have cooties!

I’ll tell you who’s won because of that strategy. Social conservatives and “progressives.” America has lost big-time. And libertarians, libertarian-leaning conservatives and socially-liberal fiscal conservatives have lost along with it.

America is in the fifth grade. We’re all still ten years old. We have decided that because we don’t like some of the people at the table, we’re not going to sit at it, because…well…eeeew! – icky people we don’t like are sitting there! In my case, those icky people are big-government collectivist, gripe-grouping social conservatives.

I’ve been guilty of this, too. I joined the Libertarian Party, when I realized I couldn’t stand the Democrats anymore. Sure, I switched to the GOP briefly, just so I could vote for Ron Paul in the 2012 primary, but then right back to the Libertarians I went.

I’m as diehard a libertarian as they come. I believe that social conservatives are nothing but a mirror-image of the statist, collectivist, identity-politics-mongering “progressives” they claim to hate. They’re the reverse image of them, but a mirror always shows everything in reverse. Sooner or later, we must admit that the Libertarian Party – and like-minded holdouts from the GOP – are the main reason the social conservatives ever got so powerful in the first place.

Political parties change direction because the people in them force those changes. That does not – and cannot possibly – happen when we flick off the cooties, hold our noses and take our trays to a different table.

“Progressives” want us to become Democrats and be assimilated into the Borg. Social conservatives don’t care where we go — as long as we don’t become Republicans. But in many ways, these sham enemies are Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Behind the mummery that they are rivals, they are really partners: snug as two peas in a pod.

Now is the time for us to join the GOP and fight to take back the party of Lincoln – and our country. Will we ever force the soc-cons completely out of it? Probably not, because where the hell else are they going to go? They could form their own crackpot party and throw temper-tantrums every election year until they die off. But they can throw their tantrums just as loudly as Republicans – and it does make for an entertaining show.

My friend Sonicfrog believes that we should all vote for independents, and separate ourselves from both major parties. I must respectfully disagree. We’ve been on the outside looking in for far too long. It’s time we took power, and restored this great country to the glory the statists – Left and Right – have so pathetically diminished. If the only two choices left to us are Obamacare Nation and the American Taliban, we are doomed.

And if we don’t take back the only major party capable of soundness and sanity, and use it as our vehicle for rescuing America, that will be the only alternative that remains.

I have re-registered as a Republican. I have had enough. Some who hear that will laugh, and others will cry. But I don’t believe grownups should be afraid of cooties.


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I'm an Episcopalian, Classical Liberal Ladies' Woman, helping to save Western civilization, searching for the perfect wife and enjoying every minute of it all.
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One Response to Eeeeew! I See Cooties!

  1. houndentenor says:

    Perhaps this is the Texan in me (an annoying trait and for one I generally find myself apologizing for, but there it is), but I do not understand the practice of having to register as belonging to a political party. Yes, I realize that the practice of open primaries (which we have in Texas) allows for some shenanigans in which people can cross party lines and vote for the candidate they think will do worse against their party’s presumed nominee, but overall that is rarely the case. I debated whether to vote in the Republican primary last spring because there was no way in hell that my Congressman or Senator was going to be a Democrat and voting in the primary is my only chance to have any way in who represents me. I suspect that is also the case in Arizona, in which case it would be foolish not to vote in the GOP primary, even if you vote for the libertarian candidate in the Fall. If that is your intention for registering as a Republican, then that makes sense. I will probably vote in the Republican primaries. As awful as I think David Dewhurst is, he wouldn’t have been the public embarrassment that Ted Cruz is for my state. I should have cast a vote in the Republican primary. At least I would have had a say. Personally I would support the kind of primaries they have in Louisiana and a few other states. Candidates run in a primary and the top vote-getters face each other in a general election, regardless of party. Parties ARE the problem and empowering them further is going to get us nowhere. The current system in which the most extreme elements of each party decide who the rest of us get to choose from in November is madness and needs to be changed. BTW, you may be interested to know that I voted for several Libertarians in the last election here as they were my only choice against the Teavangelical extremists that would otherwise run opposed. (And in a district with a major university no less.) Why is the right wing anti-science? There used to be reasonable conservatives, but at least where I am only religious extremists are deemed worth of political power. Oy!

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