Arizona, Unity and Idi Amin

No, I know this isn't Idi Amin.  This is every Right-Wing statist's Inner Dictator.

No, I know this isn’t Idi Amin. This is every Right-Wing statist’s Inner Dictator.

At last night’s Outright Libertarians meeting, we discussed ways to address liberals’ legitimate concerns. One of the ideas now gaining currency in Arizona would also address a legitimate concern of conservatives. Not that they’re listening. Only the liberals have expressed an interest. This particular idea, believe it or not, was actually the brainchild of some of the progressives so demonized, by conservatives, as mind-numbed Nazis bent on taking over the world.

Now circulating in our state is something called the Unity Pledge. Businesses and individuals can sign it – totally voluntarily – to commit themselves to a social compact. No storm-troopers will break down their door if they break the compact. They are merely giving their word of honor, and publicly expressing support to a cause.

The Unity Pledge, according to its website, is dedicated to achieving the following:

UNITY Pledge is a concerted effort by Arizona businesses and individuals to advance workplace equality and equal treatment in housing and hospitality for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) individuals and their allies. The business community and like-minded individuals understand that if we want to compete for top talent, we must have diverse and inclusive workplaces. UNITY Pledge was created by ONE Community, a member-based coalition of Arizona businesses and individuals dedicated to growing Arizona’s economy and otherwise improving our community.

Again, though the pledge did not originate with libertarians, it has our support. Why? Because it would achieve a genuinely progressive goal without using force. It would be an alternative – and we believe a very effective one – to legislation forcing businesses to hire or trade with gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender people.

Oh, but conservatives want that, don’t they? Don’t they? (Crickets.)

What they actually seem to want is the freedom to be assholes without any interference whatsoever. Which is precisely why they show no interest in a voluntary solution like the Unity Pledge. They will decry tyranny when it’s used against them, but as soon as they get their grubby hands on the levers of power, they will tyrannize everyone else without compunction.

Despite all their big talk about morality, they have no moral compass. For a tiny glimpse of this, just trek on over to Gay Patriot – if you’ve got a strong stomach – and look at the way they savage those who disagree with them on any matter whatsoever. Once in a while, the bloggers will put up a post about goodness and light, just to try to get the rabid dogs to calm down. Then more red meat will be thrown to them, and the snarling will begin anew.

This is what they are. It’s what they will always be. There’s no reasoning with them. Attempting to deal with them is a totally fruitless experience.

I only point toward one tiny example, but you don’t have to go far to find others. In fact, you’d need to hide under a pretty big rock to avoid them.

On an only slightly related note, Reason magazine just came out with an article listing the 45 Enemies of Freedom. It details the worst offenders since the magazine’s founding in 1968. One of Arizona conservatives’ greatest heroes made the list. Sheriff Joe Arpaio is ranked Number Three. Right behind Michael Bloomberg and Idi Amin, and just ahead of Osama bin Laden and Leonid Brezhnev. Senator John McCain (who falls in and out of favor with conservatives, depending on how ugly and reactionary he succeeds in being) makes the list at Number Twenty-Seven.

They want to get their hands, once again, on all the guns, and bombs, and jail keys, and police dogs, and drones — and NOT because they want to liberate anybody. You figure out what they do want to do with them.

Wake up, everybody. Let’s make sure they never swindle us again.


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One Response to Arizona, Unity and Idi Amin

  1. sonicfrog1 says:

    Love the Reason list.

    But one quibble. Steven Segal thankfully dies a meaningless death in the middle of the movie “Executive Decision”. I saw it in the theater, and when that happened, half the audience stood up and gave a loud applause!

    For that reason, Executive Decision should be on the good movies list, and not listed as a bad one here! 😉

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