Reaching Into the Great Beyond

they're out there

They’re out there…somewhere in the great beyond. We can reach them. We have the technology, and we possess the wisdom. They’re really not aliens – they’re just like us!

They’re liberals. I used to be one. In the classical liberal (libertarian) sense, I still am. Contrary to what conservatives may tempt you to believe, they’re not green, and they don’t have pointy ears, football-shaped eyes or spindly fingers.

When the Obama administration morphed into the Second Coming of Dubya, I took a long vacation from them. I scrupulously avoided all political conversation with my liberal relatives and friends. I was disgusted with their seemingly-indestructible admiration of The One. I drank deep from springs Right-wing wisdom like FOX News and Gay Patriot. And much of what they said about liberals seemed plausible.

Then came the 2012 election season, and the conservatives treated libertarians like crap. After four years of nonstop bellyaching about Obama, they showed they cared about nothing more than regaining power – principles be damned. Inspired by the growing number of liberals speaking out against the Obama regime’s abuses, and by the surprising readiness of my liberal friends to listen to libertarian ideas, I began to get a different picture.

All that, coupled with the apparently-invincible obtuseness of the conservatives with whom I’ve tried – and failed – to reason for years, has proved decisive. Outright Libertarians are a breath of fresh air. Gay Patriot’s hard-core commenters and FOX News – that endless fount of Right-wing political correctness – continue to languish in a swamp of noxious gas. I now turn my satellite dish spaceward, to see if I can reach some of the liberals who still orbit the Earth, at a great distance, in the thrall of Obama-mania.

Some of them can be helped to understand that corporate tyranny cannot be defeated by the Democratic Party – which is just as much a servant of big-corporate America as the GOP. They can be shown that socialism, far from helping the poor, only gives the rich a license to steal. They can be awakened to the fact that ALL politicians are essentially power-seeking slime-balls who’ll say any pretty stuff they need to say to get elected – and then do nothing but loot and betray us.

They can be challenged to live up to their high ideals, instead of betraying them at every turn because some fraud in political office, or on TV, or in some fundraising front for the Democratic Party tries to seduce them with a line of self-serving bullshit.

I’ve had all of the conservatives I can stomach. I’ve really tried, but I just can’t stand most of them. I refuse to spend five more minutes listening to some idiot call my church “The Church of What’s Happening Now” or accuse innocent people of saying nutty shit they’ve never given the slightest indication they believe.

Goodbye to all that, and good riddance.

In person, most of the people I’ve ever met who express the sort of opinions you hear in the more extreme conservative blog comments are assholes. They may behave as if they’re housebroken, but the assholishness lurks just below the surface. It’ll come ripping out of them, like one of those monsters on Alien, when you least expect it. Decent people just don’t think like that. I know a lot of liberals who believe goopy stuff, but they are, generally speaking, decent folks.

There doesn’t seem to be any satellite dish powerful enough to reach hard-core Right-wingers. From that quadrant of deep space, SETI will never get an intelligent signal back.

Libertarians, in general, love space. It is, as Star Trek tells us, the final frontier. I think it’s worth exploring. So onward and upward we go!

…And as the accusation that I wear a tinfoil hat: at least I have a head to put it on.


About heine911

I'm an Episcopalian, Classical Liberal Ladies' Woman, helping to save Western civilization, searching for the perfect wife and enjoying every minute of it all.
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