Have They No Shame?!


The acid sludge of commentary at Gay Patriot has been driving away intelligent insight for years. I’m only a part of the latest wave.

The interesting thing about many of the commenters there is that they are a mirror-image of what they so loudly abhor. They claim gay liberals are all mindless shills for the Democratic Party. So they’ve become mindless shills for the Republican Party. They lament the hatefulness of liberals. So they’ve become just as hateful.

For all their hysterical hatred of libertarians – real libertarians, not just wimpy, libertarian-leaning conservatives – these idiots only prove that the libertarians were right all along.

All they care about is power. They want it back in GOP hands, in the fantasy that this time, as loyal toadies, they will get a slice of it. Or at least some of the crumbs.

People who place power before principle do not deserve power. And we can never trust them with it. We don’t dare give it to them.

My mistake has been in cozying up to this crowd. I believed the people who said that conservatives were becoming more libertarian. I was misinformed. The great majority of them are most definitely not.

Libertarians like to say that people show how inclined they are toward libertarianism when “their side” is in power. That those out of power always discover liberty, only to discard it (at least for those they dislike) once they’ve gotten ahold of power again.

I first began my journey into libertarianism as a leftist, during the Bush years. Since Obama’s election, I’ve become more of a libertarian than ever. But I have come to notice something the conventional “conservatives are more libertarian” wisdom cannot explain.

Sure, lots of leftists were sympathetic to libertarianism while Bush was in the White House. And a large number of them have, indeed, since the ascent of Obama, become mindless toadies and sheep.

But when Bush was in office, damned nearly all conservatives were mindless toadies and sheep. Nearly none spoke out in defense of liberty, or expressed any alarm over the abuses, the police-statism, the empire-building that went on.

Very few conservatives, deep in the woods of Obama-world, show any interest in libertarianism. When they speak of “liberty,” it has become very clear that the majority of them mean liberty only for themselves and those just like them. Which, of course, is not libertarianism at all. Libertarians insist on liberty for everyone.

Deep in the Obama regime, with another almost four years to go of it, a growing number of liberals are standing up for liberty. They’re speaking truth to power. They’re questioning authority. In other words, they’re behaving the way I was raised to think liberals were supposed to behave.

That doesn’t excuse the “liberals” who are toadies. It just means they’re not real liberals. The conservatives, meanwhile, who are real libertarians are increasingly breaking away from conservatism. At least to some degree. It’s become impossible for them not to, because conservative toadies to their next emperor (even though they don’t yet know who that will be) have made it impossible for them to do anything else.

In the local LGBT community, I’ve found it increasingly easy to get people to listen to me when I share libertarian ideas. Except among hard-core gay conservatives. From them, I get shrieking and shit-flinging.

At first I wondered how wise it was for our chapter of Outright Libertarians to concentrate on winning over people to the Left, over wooing those to the Right. My experiences are making it easier to understand.

I don’t yet quite know what this means. All I know is that I didn’t expect it. And it’s interesting as hell.

Perhaps part of what it means is that liberals are capable of being shamed into behaving more like what they want to be. A lot of conservatives are utterly incapable of shame. For this escapee from the Gay Patriot commentary psych-ward, that is an inescapable conclusion.


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I'm an Episcopalian, Classical Liberal Ladies' Woman, helping to save Western civilization, searching for the perfect wife and enjoying every minute of it all.
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2 Responses to Have They No Shame?!

  1. “The interesting thing about many of the commenters there is that they are a mirror-image of what they so loudly abhor. “

    Yep. And their own rules don’t apply to those who tow the party line, something they typically ascribe only to liberals.

    • Pat says:

      I couldn’t agree more. As an example, with one poster, in particular, I was accused of endorsing Dan Savage. I don’t, and don’t recall ever posting anything to that affect (if I did, it was many years ago). I responded by saying that he emulates Dan Savage. He never got the fact that statement was critical of Dan Savage. But instead, he continues to condemn Dan Savage, at the same time he applies Savage’s tactics when dealing with people that don’t agree with him.

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