No Deals With the Devil

"I've read the Bible three Greek!"

“I’ve read the Bible three times…in Greek!”

The recent tempest-in-a-teapot over at Gay Patriot highlights a point I have made, on this blog and elsewhere, several times. Heterosexual conservatives want gay conservatives out of the Church.

This is relevant not only for LGBT Christians, but for LGBT people of every faith – or of none at all. It pulls back the curtain on how straight Right-Wingers use religion. It is, for them, a base of power. And by that, I mean political power.

Of course, gay Christians are being asked to make a deal with the devil. They can be admitted to the clubhouse – at least, a restricted little corner of it – if they sacrifice their faith. They can have relationship with heterosexual “Christian” conservatives – if they will give up their relationship with God.

That is exactly what is being demanded of us. When somebody like Heliotrope, on a Gay Patriot commentary thread, sneers at our churches as “The Church of What’s Happening Now,” he is sternly showing us to our place in the corner. The devil demands his due.

I refuse to make such a deal. I will never be a gay conservative. Social conservatives twist, distort and attempt to destroy religious faith. They are to Christianity what the Taliban is to Islam. They are not harmless, they are not innocent, and they are not benign.

Absolutely no deal must be made with these people. The behavior of the “Christians” – gay and straight – on Gay Patriot has illustrated how bestial and degraded that form of religiosity really is. I can be called every name in the book. I can be accused of things without one shred of evidence to support the accusation, and the high-and-holy will not utter a peep to object.

They have no right, and absolutely no business, preaching to anybody else about a damned thing.

I intend to continue, on this blog, exploring the unholy deal that would drive gay Christians away from their faith in exchange for social conservative support. Which really only means not that they’ll support gays, but that they won’t attack us quite so viciously. And what a deal that is.

How many gay Christians will continue to swallow the conservative line of bull once they realize the price they’re being expected to pay? That they will need to sacrifice their religious faith to do so? That the only churches to which they may belong – to remain in good standing with the hetero soc-cons – are those in which they must be cured or forced into lives of celibacy?

My guess is, not many. Not, in any case, very many of those who refuse to sacrifice their relationship with God to make a deal with the devil.

There is absolutely nobody nastier than a gay conservative who has given up his or her faith to play ball with social conservatives. They tend to be far more vicious to gay Christians than do gays who are irreligious but politically liberal. And there’s a great, big, hairy nest of them over at Gay Patriot. The sort of people who will tell you they’ve read the Bible through three times in Greek, so they know Jesus really doesn’t love us. Or something.

No, thank you. I’m not interested. Most of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Christians I know will have nothing to do with social conservatism. And this is precisely because they will not give up their relationship with God to strike a deal with the devil. I count myself with these people.

The devil – and his minions in the social conservative movement – can go to Hell. We’ll see them there before they’ll see us.


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I'm an Episcopalian, Classical Liberal Ladies' Woman, helping to save Western civilization, searching for the perfect wife and enjoying every minute of it all.
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One Response to No Deals With the Devil

  1. I think people like Helio are part of an old, dated guard. Isn’t he 80-something, or in his late 70s at the very least? His ilk is dying out. Even Jman1961 is in his 50s. ND30 is much younger, but an anomaly of sorts. The Supreme Court ruling this past week was pretty historic. I feel it put to bed a lot of the pull social conservatives had. They don’t really have any cards left to play and by the time the Republican party reinvents itself, if it ever does, they will have to shed themselves of the So-cons, no? But, I think on the front of gay marriage, it seems the worst days are behind us. Perhaps that’s wishful thinking. I know a lot of people who are strong about their faith and happen to be gay. And, just a hunch, I can kind of see that segment of the population growing with the mainstreaming of gay mariage. Perhaps not.

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