Gay Conservatives and their Games

lucy and charlie brown\

Poor gay conservatives. They’re a lot like Charlie Brown. All they want is to be included in the game. The other kids won’t let them play. And it doesn’t seem to occur to them that the game itself may be the problem.

A political movement, party or other organization will be organized according to one of two models. Based on its motivations, it will be driven either by principle or by power.

Gay Patriot used to be about principle. It is becoming, more and more, about power. It is dedicated to holding together a coalition that tries to go in two different directions at once – directions so totally opposite that it can’t be done. That coalition has become paralyzed, because the result of trying to move in two opposing directions simultaneously can be nothing else.

People who point out what should be obvious are going to be unpopular. I suppose I could try to hold my temper better and express myself more like Miss Manners. When I get testy or sarcastic, it hands those who don’t want to listen to me anyway a convenient excuse to distract.

Today on Gay Patriot, a resident guardian of All Things Moral and Decent got snide and snarky with one of our regular commenters, Douglas. Some tomfoolery about banana slugs and trails of slime. The Moral Guardian – who goes by the handle of Heliotrope – did this because, well of course, HE’S not snide or snarky.

Libertarians will always be skunks at the power-seekers’ garden party because we care about principle. For this, we are “purists” or “extremists.” All we’re doing, however, is stating the truth in bold and simple terms.

Some of us do stray into over-purity or extremism, but while we’re simply telling the truth is not when that happens. Because some of us can veer into error, our adversaries anticipate that this will happen and accuse us of it before the opportunity has arisen. In itself, that is dishonest. What they can’t handle is honesty, and they will resort to whatever form of trickery might work in silencing us.

It has become clearer to me than ever what is going on. The power-scramble and spin at Gay Patriot really helps to clarify it. Thus I will continue to point it out, whether I see it there or elsewhere in the “mainstream” conservative blogosphere and media. They want conservative gays to have a seat at the table, and there’s nothing at all wrong with that. But if they think that requires stifling libertarians, then they have sacrificed principle to achieve it.

The libertarians are the ones who respect and listen to gays. The ones who have invited us to the table in the first place. The social conservatives still don’t want us there, and are determined that if they can’t stop us from taking a seat, they will keep us quiet. Worse, they will keep on lying about us and ordering us around.

Gay conservatives have absolutely nothing to gain from such an arrangement – including power. Especially power. The promise of power they seem to hold out to us is illusory. They are lying to us. Like Lucy with the football, they will only keep yanking it away just as we run for it.

Heterosexual conservatives with absolutely no moral core certainly want us to keep running for that power football they like to hold out. But they will keep snatching it away before we can kick it. This is only the latest strategy to keep us lying flat on our backs. The others didn’t work, and – despite the efforts of those who scramble for power simply because they want to get into the game – this one won’t, either.

What’s really amusing is when gay conservatives criticize gay liberals for toadying to power. Yeah, funny, the human foibles to which the other side alone is always prone. The statist Left and Right have been playing that game for decades. Projection is a game of which they never tire.


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  1. dwtpresents says:

    I thank you, Lori. I’ll address the thing shortly; meanwhile, you can have them.

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