Social Conservatism — No Opposition Allowed!


Another Sabbath day, another brouhaha over at Gay Patriot. This time, I have done the unthinkable: I have candidly stated that there are Christians who are NOT social conservatives. And that our faith is just as important to us – just as sacred – as theirs.

My first comment, on that thread, was that the best way for anti-gay churches to combat those who’d sue them for not performing same-sex union ceremonies was to stop being dishonest about the fact that other churches exist. You know, churches that disagree with them about same-sex unions. That this would permit them to give evidence that same-sex unions did not NEED to be performed at churches that oppose them. That by ignoring that churches that disagree with them on this issue exist, anti-gay churches are actually making things tougher on themselves than they need to. Horrifyingly to social conservatives, I propose that they actually trust in the truth!

That is a plain, bald fact. Social conservatives, as I also pointed out, are entitled to their own opinion. But they are not entitled to their own facts. Whether they agree with us or not, whether they even consider us Christians or not, is quite beside the point. We believe ourselves to be Christians, just as much as they are, we go to church, we read the Bible, and we disagree with them on gay issues.

What social conservatives try, all too often, to do is pretend — in their rhetoric — that ALL Christians agree with them on gay issues, and that everyone who doesn’t agree is not only not a Christian, but opposed to the Christian faith. Their own dishonesty is coming back to bite them, because non-Christians who would force all churches to perform same-sex unions play into the same lie. That only anti-gay churches are real churches, and therefore that they must be forced to perform same-sex unions.

What social cons are demonstrating, on that thread, is that they are such liars they can’t even deal with the facts. On that entire thread, I said nothing about censoring them, or shutting them up. Their own position is, quite evidently, so shaky that they can’t even stand for an opposing one to be stated.

But it WILL be stated. It will be stated, and repeated, and the fight will go on. Those who are trying to shut up and stop the Christians opposed to gay marriage are not Christians; they are outsiders. Social cons must blur the lines between the outsiders and the insiders with whom they disagree, because their argument is clearly so weak they can’t be sure it will prevail.

Predictably, I am being cast — by implication, since nobody has the gumption to do it explicitly — as a liberal, as someone ungodly, as one who would drag in the government to censor anti-gay Christians. This MUST be done, because otherwise – gasp! – they might actually have to face pro-gay Christians’ argument and contend with it.

They can’t do that. They are liars and cowards to the core.

The problem is that social-conservative Christians always do exactly what they accuse pro-gay Christians of doing: they drag in outsiders. People who try, repeatedly, to turn a thread on sacred matters into a joke and a game obviously do not believe in anything more sacred than the joke and the game. They have no respect for anyone’s faith – not even that of those whose side they claim to take.

Also very revealingly, NONE of the social-conservative Christians who comment on that blog have stepped in to voice their opinions. They are perfectly willing to see their own faith, their own God, dragged through the mud. They are hollow to their core, too. It doesn’t bother them when nonbelievers cuss, and make crude sexual innuendoes, and crassly joke on a thread about the faith they supposedly hold dear.

The truth is there to be seen, in stark contrast to the lies. I will simply trust in it to stand on its own.


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I'm an Episcopalian, Classical Liberal Ladies' Woman, helping to save Western civilization, searching for the perfect wife and enjoying every minute of it all.
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8 Responses to Social Conservatism — No Opposition Allowed!

  1. Chad says:

    It’s weird for me to be to the left of most people anywhere, especially a gay blog. But that does happen on some GP threads. I’m just not sure what they hope to achieve when they get personal. But don’t give up hope that people can change how they see things.

  2. dwtpresents says:

    Well, I saw the language being used on there, and I sure did say what I needed to. That kind of language would get anybody else in… a bad situation. It solves nothing. And that’s bad when even I notice something like that.

    • Lori Heine says:

      That’s right. I agree with some of what the GP bloggers say, but they have completely stopped keeping house over there. This J-whoever is simply out of control. The most appalling thing, to me, is that “1961” is part of the name he’s using. I’m assuming that’s a birth year. I find it profoundly depressing that a 52-year-old is carrying on like that in a public forum.

      I appreciate that you said something. And I’m glad you like to comment here. I think we’re making this blog a place where adults can intelligently discuss ideas.

  3. Lori, I may have bothered you with my recent RuPaul analogy and we may disagree on a lot of things, but I love how you hold your own on GP. Just wanted to share that. Keep fighting the good fight. Thank you and God Bless. Vince S.

    • Lori Heine says:

      Cinesnatch, I’m very glad to count you as an online ally. I admire the way you stand up to be counted on GP, too.

      It’s weird, but I find those commentary-thread free-for-alls very entertaining. I’m not sure how good it is for that blog, but as it’s not my blog, it’s not my problem.

      • Thank you. I hadn’t checked in for a few days at GP (going to take a break from commenting for a while), but saw the back-and-fourth between Douglas and Jboy2001 (sorry, have to steal/borrow that from you with modifications–see what I did there?) and had myself a good chuckle. It was like watching wolves fight over a small nibble of meat. To quote you, “it’s not my blog, it’s not my problem.” Indeed! LLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • dwtpresents says:

      And truth be told, I can be big enough to admit that I got what I deserved.

      • Lori Heine says:

        So did I. My greatest liability is my temper. I tend to get frustrated when people don’t seem to understand whatever point I’m trying to make. That only works against me, and drags me down to the level of those who want to distract me.

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