Civil Unions Opponents: Liars, Thieves and Frauds — Oh, My!


Gay conservatives LOVE Ann Coulter. She condescends to appear at HomoCon; she’s served on the GOProud board. She loves us! She LOVES us!

Ann Coulter is a lawyer. Never, ever forget that. It plays into a fact no gay or lesbian American – however conservative – should ever forget: not only does she oppose gay marriage, she’s even against civil unions.

The Ann Coulters of the world would allow us NO protection for our relationships, our families, our homes, our life-savings, our futures or even our lives. None whatsoever.

Let’s also remember that heterosexuals in this country have taken away, from ALL single people gay and straight, some very basic human rights. We cannot designate whom we trust to make our medical decisions in life-or-death situations in which we’ve been incapacitated. We can’t keep as much of our own hard-earned income as married heteros, because we’ve got to give them tax breaks to bribe them to stay together. We cannot leave our property to whomever we choose.

Why not? Because those rights have been hijacked and held hostage by heterosexual married people. As their divorce rate rockets toward sixty percent – with absolutely no evidence to show all these government freebies do anything to make their marriages stronger – they arrogate these basic rights, which should belong to all free people, to themselves.

Of course, Coulter and her ilk will piously remind us, we can always go to a lawyer and have papers drawn up to afford us these rights. So we aren’t just being held hostage by married straights; we’re being held hostage by lawyers.

These people are shysters. They are cheap, ambulance-chasing frauds. How many social conservative politicians and pundits, who take Coulter’s position, are attorneys? And how many more are beholden to contributions from them?

Inquiring minds would like to know. Follow the money, and we’ll find out!

For these thieves and con-artists to hide behind God and the Bible is sick. It’s twisted. It’s blasphemy. There is literally nothing they really hold sacred, and they’ll hijack and pervert absolutely anything to rake more of our money into their pockets.

Social conservatives cannot possibly be taken seriously when they claim they’re moral people. Everything they do is craftily designed to get their hands on other people’s money, and to promote themselves and their own glorious little careers.

Follow the money.

About heine911

I'm an Episcopalian, Classical Liberal Ladies' Woman, helping to save Western civilization, searching for the perfect wife and enjoying every minute of it all.
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