“Shut Up and Play?!” — How About Shut Up and Go Away!

shut up and play

Predictably, over at Gay Patriot, the coming-out of NBA center Jason Collins is being leapt upon as an excuse to beat the living crap out of gay people. While, of course, the notion that gay conservatives are self-hating is dismissed, by this same crowd, as a Leftist plot. But okay, I’ll buy their claim that they don’t hate themselves. It’s every other gay person on the planet they evidently can’t stand.

I stopped being a sports fan because I got sick of athletes’ (overwhelmingly-heterosexual) sexuality flaunted in my face. As a Christian, I disapprove of the conduct of many athletes. I refuse to voluntarily pay for it.

Of course, as a taxpayer, I am still involuntarily paying for it. We the People are forced – literally at gunpoint – to fund professional and college sports. Not that the Gay Patriot crowd, whose undies are in a perpetual bunch about taxpayer funding for Big Bird, is going to utter a chirp against that.

As long as they serve as attack-dogs for homophobe ignoramuses, gay conservatives can jolly well expect to go on being called “self-hating.” What appears more likely, than that they hate themselves, is that they are driven by a deep compulsion to prove, to these ignoramuses, that they’re good people.

I think homophobic ignoramuses are vile and utterly disgusting excuses for humanity, and I hold them in absolute contempt. I don’t give a big, fat damn what they think of me. If they thought I was a godly person, or a patriotic American, there would be something very, very wrong with me. Their disapproval, I regard as a badge of honor.

I refuse to bend over for the statist Left when it wants me to, and I refuse to bend over for these fiends from Hell. Far-Right Talibangelicals are the worst people in this country, and I will fight them to my last breath. They want to destroy us – all of us – including the gay conservatives who slaver over them.

Where’s the outrage against heterosexual misconduct in sports? In response to the question, only crickets can be heard. But you very rare gay athletes who come out – demonstrating vastly more gumption than most of your critics – should just “shut up and play.”

Well, I’ve got a word for those who tell you to do that. Shut up, and go away. Better yet, take your selective outrage and go screw yourselves.


About heine911

I'm an Episcopalian, Classical Liberal Ladies' Woman, helping to save Western civilization, searching for the perfect wife and enjoying every minute of it all.
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6 Responses to “Shut Up and Play?!” — How About Shut Up and Go Away!

  1. dwtpresents says:

    It’s a bittersweet thing to me. On the one hand, I’m glad to see a lot of hoopla made over his coming out… except from those looking for hoopla, anyhow. Jason Collins is a great guy, I’m sure. But he’s also a free agent with some pretty bad stats, especially over the last six years with five different teams. He’s also 34, an age when all but the very best are preparing to leave the game. On paper, he’s just not a sure deal, but I don’t want to see him, or anybody else, hired a la Affirmative Action. There’s no need for such a thing in pro sports; if you’ve got game, you’re in. Any other reason hurts his, and a potential team’s, credibility. And that won’t help him, the team, nor the LGBTetc. community.

    • dwtpresents says:

      One other thing: we need to stop looking to Hollywood, academia, Washington, and everywhere else but ourselves for role models and representatives. That’s well and good that an NBA player came out. But we might only see him for what, seven or eight months a year. Our neighbors see us EVERYDAY; it’s in even the meekest among us to set the example and pave the bulk of the way. That’s exactly what happened in the 1960’s.

  2. Lori Heine says:

    DWT, you’re right. A lot of good things happened as a result of the Sixties, mixed in with all the bad. The good things can be attributed to what was known, in that decade, as “consciousness raising.” Good ideas, like treating everyone with respect regardless of race or gender, have a way of staying around.

    I can point to everyday heroes in my life. They are people who don’t get much media attention, but who quietly live lives of integrity. I can’t dunk a basketball (since I got eyeglasses, I haven’t even been able to hit a free throw). But I can try to model my behavior after theirs.

  3. wisebeyond says:

    Jason grabbed the paddles and yelled “CLEAR”. So…. basketball wasn’t really his thing.?.. now…let’s all sit on the edge of our seats…

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