ANOTHER Post About Babies?! Waaaaah!

sweet potato baby

As I asserted in a previous post, we are a society hung up on women’s body parts. Not even their whole bodies – just certain parts. A lot of people seem incapable of seeing us as complete human beings. Sadly, nowhere near all of those so challenged are men.

What strikes me about the “pro-life” argument of many social conservatives is that it is not pro-life at all. They apparently don’t give a damn about what happens to those unborn babies who happen to be female and grow up to be women. I’ll hear out anybody who says he or she wants society to respect human life. But when they condemn abortion to save the life of a mother, that’s when I tune them out.

Pro-life means pro-all-human life, or it means nothing at all. If you care only about an unborn child, then what you’re really concerned about is controlling the woman carrying that child. The savage indifference many “pro-lifers” display toward women, gays and other varieties of God’s creation shows that they are phonies.

Good luck getting women in a free country to be content as broodmares or incubators. I thought the soc-con crowd wanted the birth rate in America to rise. They have some mighty strange notions on how to go about it.

Prior to a medically-determined age of fetal viability outside the womb – subject to verifiable medical experience – the decision on whether to bear a child or abort it must remain with the pregnant woman. If it does not, then we, as a society, have determined that she does not own her own body.

I get the arguments against eugenics; I understand the warnings about Nazi Germany. But keep in mind that any government powerful enough to force a woman not to have an abortion is one powerful enough to force her to have an abortion. Anyone who doesn’t believe that a change that drastic could be made in merely one or two election cycles has not been living on Planet Earth in the Twenty-first Century.

Wake up, social cons. Pull your heads out. You’ve been coddled by the political Right for far too long. It’s time, now, for you to emerge from the womb.


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I'm an Episcopalian, Classical Liberal Ladies' Woman, helping to save Western civilization, searching for the perfect wife and enjoying every minute of it all.
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