Social Conservatives Are Drop-Dead Nuts


I’m having an entertaining and most enlightening exchange of ideas with a social conservative at Gay Patriot. At first I thought this guy was a typical soc-con. Then I thought he was a nut. As the stomach turns, I realize that he is both.

He may be a couple crab puffs short of a pu-pu platter. Or he is simply so intellectually dishonest that he’s incapable of examining the paucity of his own arguments. He is definitely a singer in a choir that for too long has heard preached to it exactly what it wanted to hear.

Statist manipulators do that to their minions. Be they Right or Left, they play on their emotions. They alternately flatter the hell out of them – puffing up their egos ‘til they drift in midair like floats in a Macy’s parade – and scare them into a frenzy.

I don’t think this clown knows what a libertarian is. All he knows is that it’s somebody who disagrees with his obsession for theocracy. Therefore, I must be the enemy. As these people live in a flat, two-dimensional universe in which half the population wears white Stetsons and the other half black, if I don’t play on his team I must play on the other.

Though I have no idea what he looks like, his first name is Michael. I picture Michael Myers, from the Halloween movies: cocking his green-masked head from side to side and squinting through his eye-slits as he tries to figure me out. I must be dangerous, because he doesn’t understand me. He’s got the knife ready.

I will write an essay about this exchange, when I know just what to do with it. As of now, I’m still not sure. He’s pretty smart, so I’m not dealing with stupidity. Whether it’s self-delusion or something worse, I’ve yet to discern.

Why is it so hard for these people to grasp the libertarian philosophy? In the whole, wide world of political thought, there’s none simpler. Any well-behaved kindergartener had to understand it well enough to pass citizenship and advance to the first grade. Yet he progressively distorts it into something more and more grotesque and unrecognizable.

Are they lied to to that extreme? Or is there something in these people’s makeup that’s so weak, so dishonest, so cowardly that they simply cannot digest an argument that is simultaneously rational and moral?

I quite frequently run into somebody who, though never quite as out-there as this, exhibits the same sort of carnival-funhouse view of reality. Does this character harbor a conscience so filthy with guilt that he can only feel good about himself if he really believes he has a direct pipeline into the very Mind of God? That he already stands with the 144,000 in their washed robes, with the Name of the Lamb emblazoned on their foreheads?

The average social conservative seems desperately in need of psychiatric help. This guy needs a foam-rubber room of his very own. If the libertarians don’t wrest power from these kooks and deliver it back into the hands of We, the People – and soon – then God help us all.


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I'm an Episcopalian, Classical Liberal Ladies' Woman, helping to save Western civilization, searching for the perfect wife and enjoying every minute of it all.
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5 Responses to Social Conservatives Are Drop-Dead Nuts

  1. Lori… I’m still not sure why you even bother commenting over there.

    When GP started, it was a place where gays who are also Conservative or Conservative-ish could find a home and escape from the dominant liberal hegemony of the gay city-state. There was no litmus test then, and many of the first wave of GP’ers, myself included, had a wide range of political views. Then, the more rabid Social Conservative faction moved in, and most of the moderate commenters stopped visiting. I’ve written to Dan expressing the danger that the Gay Patriot brand was getting tarnished, but neither he nor Bruce made any attempt to stop of curb the vitriol.

    The current crop of GP’ers pretend to be Fiscal Conservatives, but note that when a fiscal item get’s posted, there are only about 7 to 15 comments on those posts. When something concerning social issues gets posted… The comments go off the charts. The post in question, concerning abortion, has 92 comments so far.

  2. dwtpresents says:

    The NDT’s and the Mikes of this world are so cut off from reality, they’ll never be able to see just how much they have in common with a Rusty or a Vince. Same script, different cast. And then you come along and mess up their role-playing, Lori lol.

  3. Hey! I’m a Mike! And reality is right there in front of… SQUIRREL!!!!

  4. dwtpresents says:

    Not you. You don’t go by both “Mike” and Sonicfrog on GP as far as I know, or do you?

  5. Only Sonicfrog. But I don’t hide my identity either. I’ve sometimes signed out as Mike Alexander, or someone can go to my blog, and I identify myself there in the “about” tag.

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