Who’s Risen?!

There has been yet another kerfuffle over at Gay Patriot about — what else? — gay marriage. And the usual suspects were smack in the middle of it, yours truly included. I said the things I usually say about the subject, and — also as usual — the same people misunderstood me in exactly the same ways.

I don’t see what’s so difficult to understand about my views on the subject. That government should get out of marriage and stay out of it, but that if it won’t, it should treat every citizen the same as every other. This is, of course, mischaracterized on Gay Patriot as being uncategorically in favor of “gay marriage”. Which means, to big-government, nanny-statists, marriage mediated, regulated and just generally meddled-in by government.

Anyone who does not march in lockstep with the self-appointed arbiters’ view that social conservative theocrats should regulate marriage according to their dictates is attacked as being — as frequent commenter North Dallas Thirty puts it — pro-“gay-sex marriage.”

In addition to degrading human beings by reducing them to nothing more than their private parts, this blasphemes against the God Who made us. As such a view always does. But it also does something else. Something not that much less grievous. It falsifies millenia of Judeo-Christian theology by seeing people as herd animals instead of individuals.

More specifically, those who take such a view refuse to see anyone who disagrees with them as fully human. For if each of us is not an individual, possessing our own identity and free will, then we are NOT fully human.

Any government that herds us, like animals, instead of respecting and counting each of us as individual human beings is an ungodly government. Statism — no matter how God-fearing it claims to be — is in its very essence ungodly.

I will not, in this post, get into the general filthy-mindedness of many anti-gay “Christians,” or their sinful contempt for other human beings and for the very concept of committed human love. On this Easter weekend, I want to ask one particular question: On that first Easter morning, who rose from the tomb?

Jesus, of course. But who is Jesus? Jesus is both God and Man. But God is a Person (actually, Three distinct Persons), and in His human incarnation, Jesus was a human person. Which certainly meant that among all the other definitions that fit Him, He is an Individual.

He died for us all, and rose again that all of us may one day rise. But each of us will still, at the time of our own resurrection, be US — just as surely as when Jesus rose from His tomb, He was Himself.

“Feel the wounds in my hands,” He told Saint Thomas. “Thrust your hand into my side.” He still bore the scars of His crucifixion. He did not emerge from the grave somebody else.

And yes, Jesus did refer to His followers as “sheep.” But there are a couple details to note about this. For one thing, Jesus is supposed to be the Shepherd — NOT any earthly government of ordinary human leaders. And for another, in a parable, He described the Shepherd as being willing to leave the ninety-nine other sheep in His flock to search and find one who was lost. There can be no greater indication that God counts and values each of us as individuals.

My beliefs and convictions are my own. No matter how many other people I may share them with, I am a distinct individual, who makes up my own mind what I will and will not believe. Other people can’t know for certain what I think until I tell them. If they merely venture a guess, they may get it right — or they may get it very wrong.

To refuse to care what I think, because it’s too inconvenient to your agenda to bother finding out, but to represent it to others as if you’re an expert on the subject, is blasphemy against the God Who made us. You don’t like how “He” created human beings, so you want to play God and re-create us according to your own specifications. For that reason, when you mischaracterize what I believe, you are doing something worse than simply telling a lie.

Jesus didn’t rise from the dead so we could slander each other. He rose so we could live as He lives. Happy Easter, everybody. Let’s try to live a risen life this year.

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I'm an Episcopalian, Classical Liberal Ladies' Woman, helping to save Western civilization, searching for the perfect wife and enjoying every minute of it all.
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5 Responses to Who’s Risen?!

  1. I haven’t visited that thread in a few day…. WOW! That went downhill quickly.

    Your response:

    Just Me, the people who determine the “meaning” of marriage are those who enter into it. Not merely those who appoint themselves the arbiters of All That Is Holy.

    That’s about as perfect as anything I’ve seen.

    We may not agree completely on some thing, but I’m glad we can still come out with respect for each other. I’m not sure when v became NDT’s babysitter and guardian, but that is an interesting twist on things.

    Take care and Happy Easter!

    Signed; Mike Alexander, aka Sonicfrog…. aka “The Good German”.

  2. bill says:

    I just came across the GP thread and as expected, have a decently trafficked blog discuss gay marriage and watch the fireworks. I really couldn’t understand the points many people were even trying to make until I got to your comments. Not implying I’m anyone special – jsut another dude on the internet, but you just picked up another reader. There’s no shortage of stupidity on the net, but finding someone smart and articulate is increasingly rare – glad you linked back to your site 😉 and glad I can read more of what you have to say.

  3. dwtpresents says:

    I began following this blog as well based on your GP involvement, and I’m glad I did. You know, Lori, if the main participants in this marriage war had the same selfless motives as you, there would be no war. Letting the couples decide what their relationship is without using the sword of vengeance (federal government) to decide it for everybody else? Why, that’s too much like right. But by the time it’s all over, a whole lot of people will wish they listened to you. Thank you for all you do. DWT

  4. Lori Heine says:

    Mike, Bill and DWT, I really appreciate the good words. Honestly, I believe the more live-and-let-live attitude we believe in is essential to keeping this country together.

    The professional talking heads keep saying, “Gee, why is our society so divided?” I think it’s precisely because each side in the culture war keeps using government to beat up on the other.

    It’s encouraging to see that more and more people are coming around to our way of looking at things. Maybe we’re about to see a positive change — for a change.

  5. Too many on both side would rather have the war and score points than actually get things done. The budget plans recently proposed by both sides are a perfect example. It doesn’t matter which one would do the better job, because neither one stands a snowballs chance in Hell of getting passed, which, of course, is the specific intent. Each side can now point fingers at the other – “See! They’re Horrible! They’re Not Serious Bout Balancing The Budget!!!!!…. Oh! BTW… Vote For Us!!!!”

    I’m just so sick of the game.

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