Rollercoasters! Balloons! Nude Animals!

Okay, now I’ve got your attention.  Why did I post such a weird headline? Because, according to my statistics, these are the ones people most often Google to get to this Blog. 

This post isn’t about any of those things, but here you are.  As my mouse has died, and I’m unable to figure out how to save pictures without it, we are, sadly, without pictures.  But here goes…

What I want to post about is what makes one a conservative.  I’m asking you.  I must say, I don’t know anymore.

I am sometimes classified as a conservative, by other people, because I’m a libertarian.  Many people on the Left are so alienated from liberty, and so enamored of statist collectivism, that evidently you can’t share values in common with them — that is, everything except a determination to use force against your fellow citizens to implement your political will — and be a liberal of any sort anymore.

Wherever I can be located on the conventional spectrum, I no longer think I belong on the Left.  And that is the reason.  I used to be a Leftist, and I still share their basic values.  But their love for statist violence is a betrayal of every principle in which they claim to believe.  I don’t know what they are, anymore, but they’re certainly not liberals.

I don’t think I’m really a conservative, either.  They’ve also decided they can’t do business with the rest of America without using force.  And “social conservative” means big-government statist, if it has any political meaning at all.  Politics isn’t about one’s exalted opinion of one’s own morality; it’s about how one interacts with other citizens in the running of the country.  If the term has some other meaning, I haven’t been able to get a blessed one of them to tell me what the hell it is.

I suppose I’m at the Left end of the Right side of the spectrum.  Or at the third point of the triangle, depending on how you see the political picture.  I don’t guess I’m either a liberal or a conservative anymore.

And I’m glad to quit both sides.  Good riddance to bad rubbish.

I hope that clears it up for you. It’s just as well I didn’t post a picture, as I’m not sure how to picture that.  And I hope you’re not too disappointed at not finding any rollercoasters, balloons or nude animals.

About heine911

I'm an Episcopalian, Classical Liberal Ladies' Woman, helping to save Western civilization, searching for the perfect wife and enjoying every minute of it all.
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