Voting With A Scalpel

It is supposedly a matter of “character” that some are voting for Mitt Romney in November instead of for Barack Obama.  His stand on same-sex marriage – in favor of the Federal Marriage Amendment – is supposed to prove that he has this quality we so greatly desire.  But the FMA would violate three, possibly even four, existing amendments, making it contradict itself and eroding its authority.

Surely Romney realizes that, if elected, his very oath of office will affirm that he will “preserve, protect and defend” the Constitution.  What does it say about his character that he shows the willingness – for the sake of his own, personal ambitions – to destroy it? Whatever it says about him, it definitely lets us know that, as voters who hope to help save this country from destruction, we’ve got our work cut out for us.  Those of us who believe in small government and individual liberty – who believe in persuasion over coercion – had better get busy persuading.

When you’re in a hole, as the saying goes, the best thing to do is stop digging.  I have friends – some of whom write for Out Right  Patriots Blog – who want to convince me to vote for Romney come November.  While I respect their views on most matters, what they are actually doing is making me wonder if I dare.

I’m not really trying to convince them not to vote for Romney.  What I’m trying to do is get them to use their vote as a scalpel.  As opposed to, say, a meat-axe.  Simply casting a vote, without making very clear, by other means, what about this candidate we are voting for or not voting for, does not express clearly enough our will as citizens.

Big-government theocrats are going to clamor loudly, and push hard, for Romney to do their bidding.  And first thing out of the gate – as soon as he was reasonably certain he’d clinched the GOP nomination – he showed that he will let them set his agenda.  He is deathly afraid of this crowd.  We who are small-government conservatives need to make sure he is at least as afraid of us.

It’s time we stood up to the bullies and the thugs.  Yes, we face many crises right now.  But there will be nothing but even deeper and direr crises awaiting us in the future if we don’t.  And with a Constitution scrambled into gibberish by political quackery, we will be far worse off than we would be otherwise.

Romney’s reputation as a panderer could spell opportunity for people with principles who will fight for them.  We’ve seen the harm an ideological presidency can do – especially when, like Obama’s, it’s out of step with reality.  Romney is not an ideologue; he’s an opportunist.  But if he makes his decisions only after wetting his finger and sticking it up in the air to see which way the wind is blowing, it behooves us to have a super-sized electric fan.  Big-government devotees, especially those with a theocratic bent, have been blowing theirs at gale force for decades.

The next GOP president needs to know to whom he owes his election.  As a matter of fact, he will owe it to all who voted for him.  But those who express their will the loudest are the ones who will get the credit.  If the usual blowhards are the only ones making any real noise, he will feel compelled to do their bidding.  Especially if he’s as elastic as Mitt Romney.

This election will be decided by independents, libertarians and those who are generally concerned not about divisive social issues but about the strength of the economy and the vigor of the American Dream.  If social reactionaries prevail here in 2012, it will be for the same reason the Muslim Brotherhood is prevailing in newly-democratized Middle Eastern nations.  It will be the same reason the Brownshirts got the upper hand in 1930’s Germany.  It will be because thuggery and fanaticism have won out again.  It will be because fear defeated apathy.

When I warn friends of this, I’m often treated to a psychological profile of those who favor small government, in contrast to the devotees of big government and theocracy.  The former, I am told, are laid-back, non-confrontational, coolly rational, polite and live-and-let-live.  While the latter are zealous, irrational, rude, self-centered and arrogantly convinced that they are always right.  But the latter have led us all to the edge of a cliff.  We must, for the sake of our nation’s survival, begin fighting back now.

Those who would manipulate the populace want voting to be as broadly-defined and vaguely-articulated an exercise as possible.  They don’t want the people to say anything more than they would permit them to say, or in any greater detail than absolutely necessary.  They want each vote to be a blunt instrument, not a precision tool.  We get to choose between Candidate A – whose agenda is dictated by one set of big-government power-players – or Candidate B – whose are chosen by the other.

If the will of the people is to prevail, those of us who believe in limited government and individual liberty must begin wielding our vote not as a meat-axe but as a scalpel.  A mere vote for Mitt Romney will tell the powers-that-be nothing of much value.  We need to articulate very clearly and distinctly what we want him to do.  The ballot box does not afford us that opportunity, but in our rapid-information age we have more other means of doing it than ever before.  We have a wide and creative variety of ways we can articulate precisely what we want and how we want it.

Among the many formats available to us are email blitzes.  There are petitions.  There are letters to editors.  There are electronic town-hall meetings.  There are even quaint but still potentially-effective relics like the telephone and snail-mail.

Petty tyrants and theocratic zealots have learned how to use them.  It’s urgent that we learn how to use them, too.  There are actually far more of us than there are of them, but they seek to defeat democracy by forcing their will on us all.  For the sake of our republic’s continued survival, we must make sure our voices are not silenced.  We must raise them loudly and speak very clearly – while we still can.

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