Voting Down the System

As we watch the latest election year farce unfold, one thing that is becoming increasingly clear is that it won’t amount to a hill of beans if we vote for anybody the “experts” pick as a contender.  As always, we wouldn’t be voting for a candidate, or either for one “side” against the other.  We would be voting for the system.

I intend to vote; I really do.  But I’m not interested in voting for a system that is strangling very very life out of this country.  A vote for Obama will energize the damned fools who support sociopaths like Rick Santorum.  And a vote for Santorum will reelect the president.  A vote for Romney would probably do somewhat less spectacular harm, but it still wouldn’t change a thing, because Ken-Doll Romney is the system.

It is, quite simply, a lie that supporting one “side” can ever defeat the other.  If you support either side, you will only bolster and help to perpetuate the other.  The game being played on us, by the statist power-players, is all about perpetuating a system.  And the whole system is designed to serve them.

When the Libertarian Party gathers to choose its nominee, the system tells us it will be choosing a loser.  But if enough of us vote, in November, for the Libertarian candidate, the system will be forced to adapt.  It will be confronted with a new reality.  Every vote that is cast will be a vote that counts — either for good or for ill.  The only losers will be those who do not vote at all.

Unless the system is changed, and quite substantially, the sickness plaguing this country cannot be overcome.  I wrote an essay, some time ago, for Liberty magazine in which I ruminated (some would say “ranted”) on the best course for a libertarian voter to take.  It has been one of the ten most-read articles in that magazine ever since, which shows that a whole lot of people are struggling with the same question.  However we decide to vote, we must each cast our ballot.  We matter, and our voices must be heard.

When we discuss our options with statist friends, it is revealing that they always tell horror-stories about the other side.  They reflexively, automatically point to the other side because they are helping to perpetuate the system that supports both.  It is how they have been trained to think.  We’ll have to wait until they have consulted the talking heads approved by their side before we can find out what they’re allowed to think about it, but we will learn little from whatever they say.  Beyond, that is, that what they are supporting is not either side, but the very system itself.

Let’s make our vote count this time.  The country is sicker than ever, and the system is making it sick.  We can only heal our country, and begin to help healing our world, if we stand up and choose somebody different.


About heine911

I'm an Episcopalian, Classical Liberal Ladies' Woman, helping to save Western civilization, searching for the perfect wife and enjoying every minute of it all.
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