Gay Conservatives Are On Our Way!

In the land of Goldwater, the gay conservatives are coming together.  Our fledgling group had its first meeting this past Sunday afternoon and evening at Lux Coffeehouse in Phoenix.  And it was a smashing success.

We aren’t sure what to call ourselves yet.  But we’re hoping the concept will take off, and that groups will form around the country.  There were only four of us at the initial gathering — though two more showed up and, because the place was so crowded, couldn’t find us.  They say they will be back, though.  And at least a few more have already expressed an interest.

Actually, our group is for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender conservatives and libertarians, as well as our straight allies.  We want to make it as inclusive as possible.  What we want to avoid is entanglements with Leftists — whom we see plenty of, and hear too much from, elsewhere.  We all have liberals we love, but we intend to keep our group one where we can discuss politics and life without the static we encounter just about everywhere else GLBT conservatives and libertarians attempt to express themselves.

If you’re of like mind, and you’re interested, please join us! We’ve decided to make Lux our regular gathering-place for the time being, because though it’s noisy and crowded, the food is excellent — they even serve full meals — and the staff is helpful and very friendly.

The most interesting thing about our group, thus far, is that we are all women.  And all the others are younger than me.  I would never have expected this.  When I told liberal gay friends what I was planning to try to get together, they grumped that we would get nothing but grouchy old farts.  Farts, in their parlance, being male.  They are wrong about many things, and boy, were they wrong about that!

(They were wrong, dear gentle reader, that we would all be male.  I think they were also wrong that we would be farts.)

I don’t know why we’re all female thus far.  Nor can I say, for sure, why so many are young.  Beyond the four Founding Mothers, we do hope to collect a large group, including men and other women of all ages.  Another interesting feature is that we all used to be “progressives.”  There’s a study here somewhere.

We do all share a fondness for the late-night FOX show, Red Eye.  And for Monty Python and science fiction.  I’m loving this group already!

Sometime within the coming week, we plan on going together to see the movie, Iron Lady, with Meryl Streep.  From time to time, I will send a shout-out on this blog for more members.  I have the feeling that we are embarking upon a wonderful adventure.

Watch this space for more…


About heine911

I'm an Episcopalian, Classical Liberal Ladies' Woman, helping to save Western civilization, searching for the perfect wife and enjoying every minute of it all.
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6 Responses to Gay Conservatives Are On Our Way!

  1. Rattlesnake says:

    I would join if I lived in the area. Even if I were the only guy. And I’m certainly not an “old fart.” I’m not into Monty Python or science fiction, though. And I was never a progressive.

    The name of my blog would be appropriate for Arizona, I think. I do have a fondness for the desert. Perhaps you could use some sort of desert imagery in your name (unless your thinking more nationally)? Just a suggestion (I think that would be cool). Or maybe Goldwater; that would be quite fitting.

    I’ve never been to Arizona, but I would really like to go as, from pictures I’ve seen, it is a beautiful state.

  2. Lori Heine says:

    Rattlesnake, you can be an honorary member. We’re hoping our idea will spread to other areas, and you and your blog are certainly carrying the gay conservative message forward in your area.

    If you ever get a chance to come to Arizona, look us up! It is a beautiful state, and anytime besides mid- to late summer is a good time to visit. But if you want to see some real rattlesnakes, I suggest you take a trip to the zoo. Fortunately, we city-dwellers don’t see too many of those around anymore.

    A friend of mine suggested the name Outright Patriots for our group. Though this might create a possible conflict with the Outright Libertarians, who have already been using the name for a long time. We’ll probably have to collect several ideas and mull them over.

    I also like naming it after Senator Goldwater. That’s definitely an idea to consider.

  3. Tim Mc says:

    do all you can to branch out, it’s really easy to be to inclusive and not hear any new ideas. Good Luck hope you all have a blast!

  4. patriot50 says:

    I’m on the other side of the country but use to live in Mesa. May I be an honorary member?

    • heine911 says:

      Patriot50, we would love to welcome you as an honorary member. In fact, we’d like to see little groups spring up around the country. Feel free to join us any time you’re in town.

  5. If any of you are out in San Diego, and want to couchsurf on a twenty year-old’s undergraduate couch, then you know who to contact. I can’t say I’ve ever been involved with sexual politics at all, but… *Finally* I’m tired of my gay friends declaring, without an ounce of self-doubt, that they are more than willing to vote consistently against their interests because the Democrat party makes a few token gestures every other election.

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