Flies in the Primary Soup

Goodness! Hoopla, hoopla and more hoopla about Newt Gingrich’s ex-wife and his alleged plea for an “open marriage.”  We’re all supposed to care.  And some of us (those, apparently, with no lives) actually do.

There are flies in the GOP primary soup.  And the media is stirring it with glee.

Now, I’m a Christian, so I never sneer at the possibility that people can repent and reform.  I don’t know whether Newt sincerely repents of his sordid past, or whether his ex is telling the truth in her claim that he wanted to play around during their marriage.  What’s more, I don’t care.  So what sort of a Christian am I?

A libertarian Christian, that’s what sort.  Meaning that I believe in rendering what is God’s to God and what is Caesar’s to Caesar.  If a candidate is an aspiring theocrat, I’ll simply vote against him.  If he believes government should stay out of my private life, then I’m content to stay out of his. 

Gingrich isn’t my first choice for a Republican nominee, but if he squares off against Obama in November, I would not be deterred from voting for him because he might be a lousy husband.  He’s not my husband, and that’s enough for me.

I’ll leave the judging to God.  Jesus told us where to render what.

When he speaks, the Speaker tends to say one really stupid thing for every brilliantly smart one.  Recently, he said a very smart thing.  He told a gay inquirer that if gay marriage was some voters’ main concern, they should vote for somebody else.  But that those voters who were mostly concerned about the same things as every other American, whether gay or straight, should vote for him.

Political campaigns have been full of thunderous innueno about candidates’ private lives for centuries.  These days, we claim to be too enlightened to care.  That is, unless those candidates seek to make an issue of our private lives.  The fact that so many do is what gives new life to the sensationalism surrounding the pasts of the candidates.

I wonder if the light-bulb is going on yet, to said candidates, about this.  Leave us the hell alone and we’ll leave you alone.  What a concept.

I would appreciate it if Gingrich just shut up about marriage in general.  I can guarantee I’d think even less of his (at least the first two) than he would of mine.  But if he doesn’t insist on making an issue of it, I won’t either.

Render unto Caesar, remember?


About heine911

I'm an Episcopalian, Classical Liberal Ladies' Woman, helping to save Western civilization, searching for the perfect wife and enjoying every minute of it all.
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3 Responses to Flies in the Primary Soup

  1. Houndentenor says:

    It’s a valid argument that one’s private business is private and should be left alone. There’s a problem with that. The GOP is the party of the social conservatives who love to demonize people for their lack of “values”. Am I to believe that they wouldn’t be hollering if John Edwards were campaigning with his former-mistres-now-wife by his side?

    Gingrich is hardly the person to make the case against personal attacks in politics. He’s the poster boy for personal attacks in politics. It’s the height of hypocrisy for the man who lead the charge against a president for having an affair to claim that his own multiple affairs are none of anyone’s business.

    If we want to call off the moral crusading in our politics, then that’s a good truce to negotiate. Until then, Gingrich of all people can’t cry foul when people want to do to him what he did to countless others throughout his career.

  2. protoguy says:

    Betcha were calling for Clinton’s head though

    • Lori Heine says:

      No, Proto. Sorry to disappoint you, but not only did I vote for Clinton, I actually served on the delegate selection committee in ’92.

      I know we gay libertarians and conservatives would make things so much neater if we’d only act according to stereotype. Sorry to be inconvenient, but like a growing number of gays I’ve gotten to know who have moved rightward politically, we just got fed up with the Democratic Party and the Left.

      Among the things we got sickest of were their need to mindlessly dismiss people — on the basis of cheap stereotype — and their general unwillingness to think. You’d make things a little less neat for us if you didn’t prove us right every time.

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