Will Ron Paul be Mitt Romney’s Running Mate?!

Provocative title, isn’t it? But of course he won’t.  The GOP Establishment will never accept a partnership with a revolutionary.  It will never happen, even if Dr. Paul ends up coming in second.  I’m actually counting a few chickens in predicting that Romney will capture the nomination.

When I count chickens, people laugh.  My bold predictions seem to lay nothing but eggs.  But that Mitt will be the nominee is not a particularly bold prediction.  Nobody in the “Anybody but Mitt” circular firing squad has any chance of doing anything but blowing the others to smithereens.  And I doubt my “chicken” is going to lay any eggs about Dr. Paul’s finishing as the runner-up, either.

It often happens that the Number One finisher picks Number Two to be his running mate.  But it won’t happen here.  Libertarians scare the piss out of the Old Boys’ Club.  We will eventually take over the Republican Party — that is a prediction that will definitely come true.  In fact, it is inevitable.

What will happen, in the longer run, is even better than Dr. Paul’s snagging the second spot on the 2012 ticket.  What will happen, because of his shockingly-strong showing (which really shocked only the absolutely clueless), is that the libertarians will wield a power in the GOP greater than they have at any time before — even when Barry Goldwater became the nominee in 1964.  And, far from destroying the Party, this infusion of new and vigorous blood will make it stronger than ever before.  The Party of Lincoln, purified of the tendencies toward tyranny that have plagued it ever since Lincoln’s time, will help make America stronger than it has been in a generation.

Really, it’s a marriage made in Heaven.  The Republicans need the libertarians to keep them from becoming as corrupt and despotic as the Democrats.  And the libertarians need the Republicans both to implement their best ideas and to hold their nuttier notions in check.  There are even quite a few libertarian ideas that the country simply isn’t ready for, but — if conservative caution keeps a brake on their being pushed too quickly — it will someday desperately need.

What sort of children will result from this great marriage between Mitt Romney and Ron Paul? The Establishment Republicans may not be quite ready to believe it — they’re opposed to same-sex marriage, after all — but I believe they will make the GOP unbeatable.  And America unbeatable, too.

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I'm an Episcopalian, Classical Liberal Ladies' Woman, helping to save Western civilization, searching for the perfect wife and enjoying every minute of it all.
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3 Responses to Will Ron Paul be Mitt Romney’s Running Mate?!

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  2. Houndentenor says:

    I’m predicting Marco Rubio as the veep nominee no matter who is on top of the ticket. I could be wrong but the strategy of trying to put a dent in Obama’s lead among Hispanic/Latino voters makes sense. (That was the largest demographic swing between the 2004 and 2008.)

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