No More Mealy-Mouthing — You’re For Terrorism or You’re Against It

So once again today, we have a screwed-up young man arrested for trying to build a bomb.  He wanted to kill people in New York City.  He consorted with terrorists.

Tomorrow, American Leftists will mealy-mouth about it again.  They will attempt to explain it.  To excuse it.

I’m done listening to this crap.  I realize this is more raw than most of my posts, perhaps less calmly-reasoned.  But enough is enough.

Let’s have done with the nonsense that you are a “progressive” if you try to understand terrorists.  If you try to understand people who hate women and gays, you are NOT a progressive.  Not in any sense that makes sense.

What you are, as an apologist for this garbage, is a mysogynistic, homophobic bigot.  It’s time you were called what you really are.

That many Leftists I know still get more worked-up against Ronald Reagan than they do against terrorism and militant Islamic extremism is simply insane.  I won’t sit there politely and take this anymore.  It is abuse even to expect me to listen to it.

And then, these same people will call conservative gays “self-hating.”  It is definitely a bizarro world.

More than a few libertarians fall prey to this sort of thing, too.  We can’t speak out against terrorism because somehow, to do so, we’d be submitting to “repression.” 

Hogwash.  Horsehit.  My dislike of social reactionaries in the U.S. is well known.  But I would be a hypocrite of titanic proportions if I were not to condemn it when it happens under Islamism, as well as under the snake-oil hucksterism that calls itself socially-conservative Christianity.

The only way to keep either pestilence from proliferating is to stand up against it, strongly and without compromise. 

No mealy-mouthers or hypocrites need apply.


About heine911

I'm an Episcopalian, Classical Liberal Ladies' Woman, helping to save Western civilization, searching for the perfect wife and enjoying every minute of it all.
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3 Responses to No More Mealy-Mouthing — You’re For Terrorism or You’re Against It

  1. Houndentenor says:

    There are people who try to understand serial killers. They help us catch them and maybe one day they will help us identify them before they start killing. Understanding terrorism would serve the same purpose. We can’t stop something we don’t understand. Understanding is not the same as defending. People who commit acts of violence deserve to be punished.

    I don’t know anyone who doesn’t get worked up over terrorism. I think you’ve constructed a strawman or maybe you have met some real whackos. They don’t represent anyone I have ever met.

  2. Lori Heine says:

    Yes, I do know some real whackos. If the liberals in your part of the country are more reasonable, then that’s good.

    From the ones here, I hear things like “the Jews all stayed home on 9-11 because they were forewarned.” More than one of them has told me that, and with an absolutely straight face. That sounds, to me, like something Ahmadinejad would say.

  3. Houndentenor says:

    Egads! Those are morons, not liberals (not that there isn’t an overlap in those two sets, I suppose, lol).

    I lived in NYC from 1994-2009. When I wasn’t out of town singing, I was a temp, mostly on Wall Street and in the World Financial Center (which meant I walked through the WTC to get to work at least 1000 times). I also sang at various churches and temples in the ny-nj area. I know for a fact that many Jews died on 9/11. We commemorated their deaths during the High Holy Days that year at “my” temple (singing) job in NJ.

    It’s just a lie that no Jews died. Pretty much one of every kind of person you can think of, race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, etc. were among those who died on 9/11. That includes Muslims as well as Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs and others. I can’t believe people perpetuate these lies. Well yes I can because I am surrounded by right-wingers down here in Texas who believe equally whackadoodle things like Obama being a secret Muslim or he was born in Kenya. Yes, they actually believe those things.

    I take the exploitation of 9/11 personally. Nothing will make me go off on someone faster. Whether it’s conspiracy theorists or politicians, it’s despicable to use a mass murder for personal gain. Oh and Glenn Beck and his Sept 12 bs can shove it to. I don’t remember 9/12. It’s call PTSD. But I don’t need any reminders of 9/11, especially not from and idiot like that.

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