Is Herman a Harasser? Who the Hell Cares?

Enough, already, with the phoney-baloney outrage from the Left over Herman Cain’s alleged transgressions.  He’s been accused of sexual harassment by three different women, now, and where there’s smoke, there might be fire.  But in this country, we’re still innocent until proven guilty.  And nothing has been proven yet.

None of the liberals in the media who are wringing their hands over this kerfuffle give a rat’s ass whether Cain is guilty or innocent.  They’re determined to convict him without a trial, because they’re afraid he might actually pose a challenge to Emperor O — and that they won’t be able to call those who vote Republican this time “racists.”

Don’t I care that Cain might be an adulterer? (And if he’s a married man, coming on sexually to other women, then he is one.)  No, not particularly.  That doesn’t mean I approve of such (alleged) behavior.  But my concern is what sort of a president he’d be.

If he were to run against Obama in 2012 and win, Ronald Reagan would be a better president.  I know, he’s dead.  That wouldn’t stop him from beating Emperor O hands down.

Maybe, if Herman Cain were found to have committed these alleged acts of harassment, those social-reactionary followers of his who would push him to take anti-gay stands would just have to shut the hell up and mind their own damned business.  They could still support him — and for the right reason:  because he’d probably make a pretty good president.  But they’d have to forget about trying to sic him on all the “sinners” out there they don’t like.

Cain says he believes in limited government and individual freedom.  What a concept.  Let him govern according to those principles — instead of crusading on behalf of the moralistic wet-dreams of the social Right.  Not only might I vote for him in spite of these (alleged) harassments, I might even do so — at least partially — because of them.


About heine911

I'm an Episcopalian, Classical Liberal Ladies' Woman, helping to save Western civilization, searching for the perfect wife and enjoying every minute of it all.
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