Weiner is a Stud? I Guess it Doesn’t Take Much…

I keep hearing about all these Leftist chicks who think Anthony Weiner is so HAWT he just can’t be expected to help himself with the ladies.

What’s that?! I suppose straight women’s standards are even lower than I thought they were.

I know I’m hardly an expert on male pulchritude, but the guy is a turd.  He looks like a drag king version of Granny Clampett after a few treatments of Grecian Formula.  No one can be serious that he’s chasing nubile young babes simply so they won’t have to chase him first.

This must be getting embarrassing — even for liberated Lefty feminists.  I know it takes a hell of a lot to embarrass them, but honestly.

Give it up, people.  His behavior has been pathetic, even by the subterranean standards of Twenty-first Century political scandal.  At least the cop Larry Craig hit on in the men’s room was of legal age.  And David Vitter appeared in his diaper in person.

I can’t even get past this dude’s name.  Weiner! How perfect a comic twist is that? Though I don’t suppose the screenwriter of even the most juvenile movie would try to pass that off.

Republicans are not, in my book, much better than Democrats.  But when a GOP politician pulls something like thisNOBODY even tries to defend him.  When the Dem’s leading attack chihuahua messes on the carpet, all the girls at NOW come out in full force to back him up.

That ought to be more embarrassing, for American womanhood, than anything else.  It says something not very good about the standardbearers of modern feminism that they so completely suck at choosing their battles.

About heine911

I'm an Episcopalian, Classical Liberal Ladies' Woman, helping to save Western civilization, searching for the perfect wife and enjoying every minute of it all.
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