Playing God: The Idolatry of Statism

What must be kept in mind, concerning all statism, is that it is really socialism.  This is true regardless of whether it comes from the Left end of the political spectrum or the Right.

Though almost all Leftists since have sought to disown him, Hitler was a socialist.  He was a Right-Wing socialist, but he was every bit as much of a socialist as Stalin.   Right-Wingers may disagree about how they ought to, via the State, play God — but they want to play God, nonetheless.  The modern social-reactionary Right is as socialistic, at heart, as is the “progressive” Left.

Let us have no confusion, and allow no obfuscation, here.  In the words of libertarian sage Leonard E. Read:

The most important point to bear in mind is that socialism presupposes that government or officialdom is the endower, dispenser, and the source of men’s rights, as well as the guide, controller, and director of their energies.  This is the Supremacy of Egotism:  The State is God; we are the State!

It does not matter at all that many on the Right claim (their idea of) God as the authority behind their actions.  A growing number on the Left do, too.  So do our fanatical enemies in the Islamo-fascist world.  What they would elevate to supremacy is merely THEIR OWN notion of what God wants, based on their own beliefs about Who God is.  God “Himself” has very clearly not chosen to force “His” will on us to anything remotely approaching the extent to which these bullies and aspiring tyrants would.

This does not matter to them.  Not only do they think they know better than everybody else on the face of the earth, they even think that they know better than God.

There can be no compromise between libertarians and social reactionaries.  We can’t defeat our enemy by becoming one with our enemy.  Libertarianism must defeat statism in every one of its many deceptive and sometimes-seductive forms.

The very survival of the human race depends upon it.  This truth has become urgent, in the Twenty-first Century, to a greater degree than ever before.

(And yes, that is a Maxfield Parrish painting at the top of this post.  I have always loved Parrish’s work, and I will take every possible opportunity to stick it into this Blog.  Now that I’m blogging at WordPress, and know how to post pictures, I am, indeed, becoming a “nutjob” about putting them up.  Bring on the pictures…BWAHAHAHAHAAAA!)   



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