Figuring A Few Things Out…

Well, now the comments conundrum has been partially solved.  I’ve been able to get one comment to show up — the one on the post before last — but not the others.  Even  though I took identical steps on all pending posts.  Thus does my technological tragicomedy continue…

On a happier note, I have been having a very enjoyable conversation with The Lesbian Conservative in the commentary thread of her latest blog post.  In this world where so many people don’t get it (see my previous post), it is refreshing to find some who truly do.

I will be blogrolling The Lesbian Conservative as soon as I figure out how to blogroll.  You know that this may take me a while, so stay tuned.

As we were discussing on TLC, people who mischaracterize us — automatically (lazily? dishonestly?) attributing to us the attitudes and behavior of Leftist gays — fail the standard of true conservatism.  They show themselves to be phonies.

A central tenet of conservatism is individual responsibility.  Well, in order to have individual responsibility, you must — first of all — have individuals.  Group-think, which lumps people together by association according to mindless stereotype, is inherently a Leftist phenomenon.  So-called conservatives who display that sort of thinking are not real conservatives at all.

So Seane-Anna — among so many others — is a hypocrite and a fraud.  She reveals herself not to be any kind of genuine conservative.  In trying to out someone else as “not a real conservative,” she has only managed to out herself.  She attributed attitudes and behavior to me — by association — simply because many gay Leftists think and behave that way.  It apparently never occurred to her to think of me as an individual; I am gay — the member of a group — period.

I really hope she shows up here to make a fool of herself again.  She just makes it so easy to expose how she and other social reactionaries (they don’t even deserve to be called conservatives) are scamming America.

…And why did I put a picture of Katarina Witt at the top of this post? Just because I can!!!


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I'm an Episcopalian, Classical Liberal Ladies' Woman, helping to save Western civilization, searching for the perfect wife and enjoying every minute of it all.
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