The New Social Right Rhetoric: Pulling it Out of Our Ass One Lie at a Time

I haven’t posted here for a while. After deciding that I’m not really that interested in blogging per se, I quit my hitch at News Real Blog. I am primarily an essayist, as far as nonfiction goes, and not much interested in the sort of bare-bones minimalism one must do when blogging.

But I’ve decided to keep this Blog going. It’ll be a good place to post essays that don’t get published elsewhere. And from time to time, I do have observations worth sharing that are short and pithy enough to qualify as blog posts.

News Real Blog is a great blog. I still read it regularly, and I heartily recommend it. They were very patient in working with me to try and transform me into a blogger. It turns out that I’m perfectly happy not spending the majority of my time blogging — as writing for a big, daily blog like News Real would have required.

One sharp disagreement I had with the News Real folks was over whether “social conservatism” has any meaning beyond governmental philosophy. They insisted that it did — though they could never quite explain to me what that might be. I still believe that it does not. And nothing I have heard or seen subsequently has changed my mind.

Social conservatives want to use the power of government to legislate their beliefs. Period. I care not one flying rat’s patootie how holy or virtuous they may think they are.  People who are willing to simply live out their convictions in their own lives, and serve as beacons of stellar example to others, are fine people.  But they are not social conservatives.

Social conservatives are all about wielding big-government power to force their will upon others.  They are so totally all about power, they are more than willing to make shit up in order to “argue their case.”

Now, I have returned to this long-dormant Blog to discover that something is wrong with the comments. I get an email informing me when I receive a comment, but it does not show up under the “Comments” section of the post being commented on.

A few days ago, I got a comment that illustrates the “please-don’t-make-my-head-explode,” fantasy-land thinking of social conservative statism better than any number of examples I might cull from the media. Since it isn’t showing up under comments, I will share it with you here.

Writes a regular troll at Gay Patriot, the inexplicably homosexuality-obsessed yet militantly heterosexual Seane-Anna:

“That’s the dividing line in your little world where your sexuality is the center of your gravity.”

If you can read the bulk of my writing, or even what I’ve posted on this Blog, and come up with the bizarro-world notion that my “sexuality” is the “center of my gravity,” then you are smoking some pretty serious shit. She has concluded that “sexuality” is so important to me simply because she is obsessed with it. Oh, but the fun goes on…

“Whatever advances or facilitates the uninhibited expression of homosexuality is, for you, liberty-promoting libertarianism; whatever retards or hinders said expression you smear as ‘statism'”.

Seane Anna, kindly cite proof of this from ANYTHING I have ever written. And be sure to include links. This won’t happen, because she’s simply pulled the claims she’s making here out of her ass.

She then informs me that I “don’t seem to have much of a problem with ‘government-backed force’ when it’s used to legitimize and mainstream your sexuality, e.g. public schools teaching kids to approve of homosexuality, sometimes behind the backs of their parents.”

Again, cite proof of this, please. And again, provide links. None will be forthcoming, because there are none. And there are none because this woman is either stark-raving nuts or else she’s lying through her teeth.

There follows some genuinely unhinged stuff about polygamy, which I won’t repeat here except to reiterate something I’ve said many times, in many places before — which is that polygamy is only possible, on any sort of scale, in countries where women have no legal rights or social status. (Seane-Anna knows I’ve said this, but her little rant works better if she doesn’t mention it.)

“I could go on, but I think you get the picture.”

Yes, I do get the picture.  And I’m sure she could go on indefinitely. The lies and/or lurid fantasies gush forth from her like hot water from Old Faithful.

“Lori, your “libertarianism” extends only to your bedroom. When the issue doesn’t involve the enshrinement of your desires as normal, you are as “statist” as the so-cons you despise.”

And once again, Seane-Anna, please cite some sort of proof for this. With links.

“I hate to break it to you, but I think that’s the truth.”

I hate to break it to YOU, but you need a psychiatrist.

This, dear and gentle readers, is but one sadly-typical example of the mindset of social conservatism. They must invent a fiction that all gays are out to remake the law in a way that tyrannizes them so that they can do it to us first.

And that is the sole real reason for rhetoric like Seane-Anna’s.

I have decided not to give up this Blog after all.  People like this are exactly the reason why. If we don’t fight their efforts to take over this country with every weapon at our disposal, they will turn it into a gigantic lunatic asylum.

One way or another, both the statist Left AND the statist Right would bring the Taliban to America. We need to make sure it doesn’t happen on our watch.


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I'm an Episcopalian, Classical Liberal Ladies' Woman, helping to save Western civilization, searching for the perfect wife and enjoying every minute of it all.
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