Every Blade of Grass…

I am gratified to see so many straight conservatives now welcoming gays into the fold.  Even if some of them have rather limited imaginations as to what this means, it is a good (and long-overdue) development.  Freedom and a respect for the individual is, indeed, a necessity if we are to thrive and succeed.  Collectivism always crushes us; it can do nothing else.

Many in our welcoming committee, however, do seem to suffer from limited imagination.  We can come in, they say, but they concede that we must do so outside of the Christian faith.  We’re perfectly welcome, in other words, as long as we agree that God hates us and that we are on our way to Hell.

I became a conservative because I am a Christian.  Though some of my gay Christian friends would not like to hear it, every Christian — straight AND gay — is, essentially, a conservative.  We are conservative because the world will not have it any other way.  Our Leftist/collectivist champions have nothing but hostility for the Christian faith, and give every indication they wish to destroy it.  They hate not only the faith of our fathers and mothers, but everything about the Western civilization whose principles give us our sole real hope for a decent life.

It was this realization that led me into the conservative fold.  If I were not a Christian — first and foremost — I probably would have little interest in being a conservative.  As it is, I am compelled to be.  It is a matter of necessity.

In actuality, the Christian faith — along with, perhaps, liberal Judaism — is the only major world faith that could ever embrace gays and lesbians as complete human beings.  Far from condemning us, as even our conservative allies now claim, it offers us — in the Name of Christ — full liberation.  Anti-gay forces in the Christian camp must precariously cherry-pick a half-dozen little snippets of Scripture, all taken out of context, in order to condemn us.  They are, to do this, forced to torture their own moral philosophy out of shape — for they must interpret Holy Writ differently for us than they do for themselves.

Now is the time for us to stand firm.  As I have already declared, we must fight those who would disenfranchise us from the human race not only for every yard of turf, but for every blade of grass.  There is no just or logical reason why we should concede to them so much as a fraction of an inch.

I am heartily encouraged by the welcome we now receive on the political Right.  But I will never — never, ever — sacrifice my commitment to my faith in order to accept it.  That may seem, to them, to be a concession we should be willing to make.  I do not agree with them, and I will never make such a concession.

I am a Christian and a conservative.  Take the whole package, or leave it.  But as Luther said, “Here I stand, so help me God.  And I can do no other.”


About heine911

I'm an Episcopalian, Classical Liberal Ladies' Woman, helping to save Western civilization, searching for the perfect wife and enjoying every minute of it all.
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