Weasel Words from a Weenie

What is it with social conservatives posing as libertarians? Is it because they’ve decided we’re cooler than they are, and want to be popular, or are they genuinely just so whacked that they think they ARE libertarians?

Some sad clown in the circus of life who calls himself “Classical Liberal Dave” decided to pick a fight with me on a Gay Patriot thread a few days earlier this week.  Why he bothers to call himself a “classical liberal” — which means libertarian — when he’s clearly a rather overwrought social conservative with Religious Right leanings is a mystery. 

He basically said that Rep. Gabrielle Giffords does not deserve to recover from having been shot in the head because she’s a Democrat, and “all” Dems must support late-term abortions because Clinton did.  Or something.

I pointed out that it is hypocritical to claim that one cares about human life — any human life at all — yet basically wish death upon a person for any reason.  I asked him what the hell was wrong with him anyway.

He evidently clicked on this Blog just fast enough to very superficially skim it, then reported back on — as he called it — my “stupid little blog” to misrepresent what I’d said in what was then my most recent post.  Go back and read it again — it’s the one just before this one — and see if it says anything about “trying to counter the influence of Rush Limbaugh.” 

Is this fool simply so stupid he can’t read for comprehension, or is he as big of a shit-eating liar as he seems to be? I believe the very deceptive alias he has chosen for himself amply answers the question.

I will repeat an important paragraph — the one perhaps most revealing of my political philosophy — from that post:

“The way out of this mess is very clear.  Stop permitting the government to commit aggression against the people.  Confine it to the only functions it can legitimately perform:  protecting us from force and fraud.  Then it will be doing what it should do — and all it really can do well.  Then we’ll see the violence go away.”

This is the viewpoint of a libertarian.  A true classical liberal.  Anyone who calls himself “Classical Liberal” Dave, yet wishes to pick a quarrel with that viewpoint, is NOT a classical liberal in any way, shape or form.  And as I’ve listened to enough Rush Limbaugh to know that his own philosophy pretty much echoes the sentiment stated above, only a real whackjob could believe it has any pretensions of “countering” El Rushbo’s “influence.”

What a moron.  Get yourself some professional help.

Now, of course hardly anybody is going to read a blog that (A) was only restarted a couple of months ago, after a lengthy hiatus and (B) is not being actively promoted in any way.  I know of a few folks who do, and I am most grateful for them.  But I also know I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me if I want to build up readership to any level I might wish to see.  “Countering the influence of Rush Limbaugh” is hardly an ambition of mine, first of all because I basically agree with a lot of what Limbaugh says and secondly because it simply isn’t very likely to happen.

Trolls like “Classical Liberal” Dave lie even when their falsehood is very easily exposed.  They would lie even if their lives depended upon telling the truth.  It does no good to expend any energy trying to change their minds.  They’re too messed-up in the head to even know what they really think.

I don’t hate social conservatives.  I want to see them deposed as tyrants on the political Right and in the Republican Party.  Whether they totally pick up their marbles and leave or whether they stick around to help defeat statist Leftism is up to each individual, and different members of their sect will make different decisions about that.  Some of them genuinely care about this country, but a great many of them are demonstrating daily that they don’t.

Who knows where people like this insipid little troll on Gay Patriot really fit in.  They fit in nowhere, evidently.  If you’re going to be a social conservative, then at least have the gumption to stand up and proudly proclaim it.  Don’t skulk around behind a lying alias and misrepresent yourself.  If your movement has become so shameful to you that you’re now afraid to “come out of the closet” about belonging to it, then surely they aren’t going to want you, either.

Oh, and a word to the sad little troll about “bitch” (one of the charming names that he called me).  It’s a weasel word — a weenie word.  It’s a word used by every weakling man who has been bested by a woman.  If you feel the need to fling it at a woman in an argument, you’re basically just admitting how pathetic you are.   

You’re out of your league, babe.  Better go back to the minors.

I can respect a person who disagrees with me, even if he or she does so quite bitterly.  What merits no respect from me at all is somebody who doesn’t even respect his own opinions enough to own them in the online name he chooses for himself.

We libertarians may be closer to winning the battle to save the GOP and the Right than we thought.  If “Classical Liberal” Dave is any indication, we’ve already got ’em on the run and crying home to mama.

About heine911

I'm an Episcopalian, Classical Liberal Ladies' Woman, helping to save Western civilization, searching for the perfect wife and enjoying every minute of it all.
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