Paranoia Will Destroy Ya…

What is going on with the social Right these days? How did they get to be so pants-pissingly paranoid? The latest comment on a post I wrote the other day for NewsReal Blog, “Colonel Flagg Battles the Pink Fungus,” was from somebody who merely, and very direly, noted “Trojan Horse.” 

Yes, Trojan Horse.  Pink Fungus.  There is a madness afoot with these people.  This one was so unhinged he/she didn’t even realize that — far from refuting the point of my post — it merely proved it.

I have written before of social conservative nastiness and paranoia, and those who have argued with me have gotten comments on their posts that were…well…nasty and paranoid.  I wonder if they even have the sense to be ashamed. 

What I am disputing is the notion — borrowed from the Leftists — that the government must address every social problem.  I have said nothing against people behaving the way they believe they ought to behave, and no one is stopping them from doing that.  The social Right does not think like traditional conservatives, who believed in individual responsibility and individual action.  It thinks like the Left, and to a degree it refuses to recognize.

This is why politics have come to resemble nuclear war.  The social Right thinks it has to unload all its missiles before the Left does.  We now turn reflexively to government action for absolutely everything.  Pretty soon we’ll be expecting it to wipe our butts for us.

Where will this insanity end? And how can those who want to use government to attack those they dislike think it can end well? Many of those I speak with who consider themselves Leftists actually have very conservative opinions about most matters — they just feel they need protection from somebody bigger than they are.  This is why they turn to the Left, which presents itself as the protector of all who are assaulted from the social Right.

This is not rocket-science.  It should not be too difficult to figure out.  And yet the madness persists.

For the most part, even as it has come to speak more reasonably about issues in general, the conservative media is still afraid to anger these people.  It tippy-toes around them, shushing at anyone (like me) who calls attention to the elephant in the room.  Right-wing political correctness denies that there is a problem, but it is as wrong as its Left-wing counterpart — which insists that “all” conservatives are statist paranoiacs.

The Left will continue to be believed, by many people, for as long as saner heads on the Right refuse to address this problem.

Any government big enough to give us everything is also big enough to take everything away.  That’s an old truism, but it is, nonetheless, true.  Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Company would not have the awesome power they do now if conservatives had shut down the power-spigot when they last had the chance.  It is the fantasy of omnipotence that is destroying freedom in this country, and it is dangerous no matter who persists in it.

Maybe the Tea Party has the answer to shutting the flow of power down — and returning it to the individual.  We all had better pray that they do.  It doesn’t seem that anybody else is listening.

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I'm an Episcopalian, Classical Liberal Ladies' Woman, helping to save Western civilization, searching for the perfect wife and enjoying every minute of it all.
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