The Fork in the Road

One of the things that most bothers my progressive friends is the tea party conservatives’ insistence that they are shelving social issues only temporarily — until they have accomplished the task of shrinking and taming the government. Once government has been reduced to its proper function, they say — to appease social conservatives — they will take these matters up again.

But this is nonsense. And it’s why I don’t share the worry of my progressive friends.

There is a fundamental — and irreconcilable — difference between the way social conservatism and libertarian conservatism view government. They cannot possibly have it both ways.

Either government will be small and non-intrusive — restricted to the very-limited functions allowed it by the founders of our country — or it will be big and intrusive, micro-managing every nanosecond of individual citizens’ private lives. It can only be one or the other; there is simply no way it can be both at the same time.

Social conservatism has nothing to do with how moral, or how religious, or how traditional, an individual may be. It has to do with how big the government will be, and how much power it will have over individuals’ lives. Social conservatives cannot be libertarians or fiscal conservatives, because that is not possible. Social conservatives are ALWAYS big-government conservatives. They are all about big-government power and control, about runaway spending and excessive taxation, and thus will they always be — no matter what they may claim to the contrary.

The political Right has come to the fork in the road, and it cannot turn back from it. Either it will go one way, or it will go the other. If it is to go the libertarian way, it will shrink government, lower taxes, cut spending and stay the hell out of individual citizens’ private lives. There will never be a point in the future at which social issues can be taken off the shelf, dusted off and meddled in by power-mad, big-government busybodies again.

I understand the frustration progressives and independents feel when they hear nonsense about “temporarily shelving” social issues. The whole concept is bullcrap on stilts. But they need not worry that this will ever happen, because if the Right truly does continue in a libertarian direction, it will be impossible. The government will be rendered unable to intrude in social issues, to any great extent, ever again.

If weak-minded, intellectually-dishonest social conservatives need the opiate of some sweet someday — when they will be able to undo all they are now doing and revert to their disastrous former ways — then let them have it. They will find out soon enough that their opiated stupor bears no relation to reality.

I would appreciate, however, if tea party bigshots like Sarah Palin would stop talking out of both sides of their faces and helping to perpetuate this silly delusion. If I have a problem backing Palin for president, it is because of this — not because I’m afraid she’ll be “polarizing” or “divisive.”

I don’t care how Leftist hysterics and ideologues see her; their views aren’t based on reason, and they will never change their minds. But intelligent people will continue to distrust her. And this could end up — should she be nominated on the Republican ticket — returning Obama to the White House in 2012.

It would be better for our entire country if the social-Right druggies came down from their high and started dealing with reality. They need to convince a lot of people, yet, that they know what they’re doing.

One of the reasons I became a Republican is so I can help keep their feet to the fire.

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I'm an Episcopalian, Classical Liberal Ladies' Woman, helping to save Western civilization, searching for the perfect wife and enjoying every minute of it all.
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