No Truce on Social Issues

I want to clarify my beliefs about the supposed “truce” on social issues. What I support is not so much a truce as a change in the conversation. This change should allow the people upon whom government would act to speak for themselves instead of letting others — whether they call themselves “conservative” or “progressive” — speak for us.

That is, in essence, what American republican democracy was supposed to be about right from the start.

If all those on the Right can do is bully and tyrannize, then of course silence is better. But better still would be an honest conversation that did not resort to threatening use of the weapons of big government every time one side or the other does not get its way.

The majority of those in the tea parties may not be mature enough, at this point, for anything beyond an imposed silence. But at some point, inevitably, social issues will rear their heads again. I support a more civil, more rational way of discussing them.

Everyone in America has the right to be heard. What no one has the right to do is use guns, bombs, jail and the confiscation of others’ rightful earnings to force everyone else to give them their way.

The whole notion of a “moratorium” on social issues misses the point. If we are not capable of resuming the discussion according to the principles upon which our nation was founded, then our nation will not survive.

We are now engaged in the process of trying to remember what our country was intended to stand for. May God bless and guide us as we do our best to get that task done right.

Future generations will, of course, need to have this discussion all over again. If we can’t teach them, by our example, the wisdom to conduct that conversation with more humility than the statists of today, then the U.S.A. is not long for this world.


About heine911

I'm an Episcopalian, Classical Liberal Ladies' Woman, helping to save Western civilization, searching for the perfect wife and enjoying every minute of it all.
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