What’s Up With “Born on 9-11?”

As I make this fresh, WordPress start, my gentle readers may ask why this Blog is called “Born on 9-11.”

The Twenty-first Century had its sentimental beginning on January 1, 2000. It marked its mathematical start on New Year’s Day of 2001. But here in America, it really began on September 11 of that year. The date was also personally significant for me, because I was born on that day thirty-nine years earlier.

Thus the name struck me as perfect in every way.

My metamorphosis has unfolded more gradually than any single day could capture. I was raised a Lutheran, graduated from a Southern Baptist college, converted to Roman Catholicism as a young adult and left the arms of Rome when I came out as a lesbian. I bounced around from one welcoming church to another as I wandered in the spiritual wilderness, searching for a home. I tried to Lutheran Church (ELCA) again, but tired of the endless Protestant scramble to cater to customers and market instead of minister.

Realizing that I’m still a Catholic at heart — just not one wholly owned by the Pope — I found a home at last in the Episcopal Church. I’m now a Reformed Catholic, who belongs solely to God.

I was a Democrat for most of my adult life. I was rather a conservative one (helping to elect President Reagan twice), but after coming out as a lesbian, I moved significantly to the Left — largely in self-defense because of the Right’s hijacking at the hands of big-government social “conservatives.” Now that the Democrats have totally and dishonorably betrayed gays, and become full-tilt socialists, I have left the Democratic Party.

Having been fascinated by libertarian philosophy for some time, I then became a member of the Libertarian Party. I remained in that party for a year, distrustful of the Republicans because of their longtime captivity to theocrats. Now that libertarians have taken their rightful place at the helm of the GOP, I have become a Republican. I am a libertarian conservative, and in my heart I always have been.

As an Episcopalian, a libertarian Republican and a blogger at WordPress, I am now, indeed, home. It’s been a long journey. As it continues from here, I will venture forth in the Winnebago of these fixed affiliations.

I want to write about what it means to be a Christian American in the Twenty-first Century world. First and foremost, I firmly believe, we must preserve and protect our Western, Judeo-Christian heritage. It is our tradition, our birthright, our treasure and our only hope.

I will do my utmost to uphold this tradition here. And I hope that you will join me in my Winnebago. It will be an adventurous journey. I am blessed and highly privileged to be able to share it with you.

That road stretches up ahead of us. Look to the pretty picture at the top of this page, and come with me…


About heine911

I'm an Episcopalian, Classical Liberal Ladies' Woman, helping to save Western civilization, searching for the perfect wife and enjoying every minute of it all.
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